Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Slowly but surely Nath and I are working on our real life MASH episode. Okay, her part is the leading role and I am the supporting act but still I'm playing my part.

Tuesday I started to feel some pain in my shoulder. No worries, happened before, gone before. But during the night the pain got really intense, to a point I couldn't manage to sleep more then 15 minutes and by 5 AM I had enough and got up. But what are you to do at 5 AM? Well, in my case, you turn on your computer and look for some friends online. Hey Kim ;-)  I hope I didn't scare you too much coming online at that hour.

With the holidays on their way and subsequently the doctor's offices being closed during that period I quickly made an appointment for them to have a look. Turns out I have Subacromial bursitis, the fancy name for an inflammation within the shoulder. Other then being painful as hell and best cured by rest and some medication there is not much to worry about.

Anyways got the pills and.... went back to work. Last night, if the pain in the shoulder is any indication, I knew that wasn't as 'resty' as the doctor would have wanted. But the next 4 days I will rest. Monday I had scheduled to do inventory at one of our clients warehouses but I cancelled my participation. All I now have to do on monday is carry out some tax payments and finish a report. The rest can wait and I plan to let it wait if I still feel any pain.

Okay everyone, Have a great week and enjoy whatever you do or don't celebrate.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Another update

We learned today that Nath won't be home for a week still. If she is released next monday it will be more or less the standard recovery time for the kind of operation she had so her hope of being home for x-mas was, although making good progress, a little too optimistic.

I myself am sort of glad they keep her for a few days more. I know she would do more then she is supposed to once at home. Independent people just hate to be depending on others. Once she gets home it will be another 4 weeks until she should be able to do all the normal things.

She impresses and at the same time scares me most in her way of handling the illness. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago and I've watched her closely to see any signs of distress. But I never saw any. In her words: I've a problem so they get in and fix it by getting them out. I can easily live without them so no need to get all worked up about it.

It leaves me with the question: Has reality sunk in yet or will she be hit by a train soon? We've talked many hours about this and she does everything to make me believe reality has sunk in but like I said: Whilst it impresses me it also scares me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick update

Girlfriend: Stomach bug. Hospital. Operation. All fine. Hopefully home before x-mas.

Me: Tired. 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some mornings aren't as others

There it was, cupped by what is best described as a Victoria Secret Bra, for everyone to see. A beautiful shaped breast. Why this is so special? Well it was presented to me at my local bakery. I've been going there for over ten years but never was I greeted by a more pleasant sight then this morning. I'm sure others before me had seen the same but apparently no one bothered to tell the lady in question that she somehow had buttoned her shirt leaving little to the imagination.

In Dutch it would have made no sense had I told her: "I came for some buns but this I also appreciate." because it just doesn't translate well. Instead I leaned a bit over the counter and softly told her: "As much as I and others before me appreciate the view I think you should adjust the buttons of your shirt a little." She first looked at me as if I was speaking Swahili but then she slowly started to look down. "OH Shit!" she muttered as she turned around and adjusted her shirt. Red faced she returned to the counter. "Thank you, no one else had mentioned it. It must have been this way since this morning." "You've made the day of quite a few men then I think." I said with a wink. "Once again thank you." She said with a little smile whilst handing me back the change.

"No, Thank you!"

It certainly gave me something to smile about but on my way home I started to think if I now have betrayed the brotherhood of men. On the other hand "Brotherhood of Man" once sang Save All Your Kisses so I guess sharing isn't part of the brotherhood thingie.

Enjoy yourselves.

Monday, December 1, 2008

"the not so big 4-0"

Going through life there are many things you do because you are supposed to do them.  Even as a kid, my mother will testify to it, I have had the knack to not doing those things. Of course you think that is what a kid is supposed to do.  But in my case I took it a step further. For example when a teacher criticized my handwriting, something I just didn’t want to spend time on, I started to write with my left hand. After a few months I had mastered that to a point the teacher felt he could start criticizing that so I started to write upside down. After he finally ignored my handwriting I returned to writing with my right hand. Btw I can still do all three variations today and with the added skill of reading upside down I’ve caused quite a few frowns during meetings with people sitting opposite me.

 Another thing that stood out was my total lack of enthusiasm when it came to my birthday. You’d think a kid and presents: What can go wrong ? But for me it has always been a struggle to share the joy others obviously felt unwrapping or getting presents. Maybe I take to many things for granted but when someone asks me what I want for my birthday and then on the day delivers that in some fancy wrapping I cannot be surprised. And don’t think I was spoilt financially. Both my parents had to work to make ends meet but provided everything I then needed. Perhaps I was spoilt in a sense by the care free environment they provided. Or perhaps I am just low maintenance in the gifts department.

On the other hand giving presents is way more my thing. I’m lucky to be able to do that as I wish and can really enjoy someone else’s joy in receiving. The only thing that worries me with that is that people in general want to give back. I’m kinda working against myself with that.

Anyways yesterday I turned 40 and during the weekend I entertained the family on this for them BIG birthday. I took everyone out to dinner and without thinking about it beforehand told them this was my last one celebrating. Based on the average age men die in this country I have done my duty by celebrating halve of my birthdays and thinking of them and I find it only normal that from now on they acknowledge my wish in not celebrating. They went silent for a moment until my little niece asked if she still could call me to congratulate me. Of course she can. As can anyone else for that matter. I, in a somewhat contradiction, like people to congratulate me on my birthday. What I don’t like and understand is the hoopla that accompanies it and for myself I now have put an end to that.

Off to bed I am. Cheers everyone

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This way it is quick but no fun

Envision a poker table with 6 players. First hand you get AA and you put in a raise. A re-raise is made and your All-inn is called by two players showing QQ an 1010. They hold up and you are the man.  Second hand you get KK, put in a raise and have to answer an All-in. Behind you another one calls the All-in. Again you hand holds up and in two hands you've eliminated 4 players. You're holding a 5:1 chip lead over the remaining player.

Envision the above situation and try to come up with a way to play well yet finish 2nd within the next 8 hands. It is a funny game.

Food chain

You know I'm all for questioning a hierarchy. Some are tested and approved while others make no sense at all and will be kept under my scrutiny for some time still. One of those that I had to accept was the traffic food chain but twice this week I was witness to persons questioning its value. They didn't break the fortress.

The traffic food chain: 1 and free game: Pedestrian. 2 and only allowed when in possession of a free license: cyclist (both with and without motor). 3 and available with a paid license: Car. 4 and only a few passes a year are given out: Truck, lorry, bus, etc etc.

Common sense should tell you when you approach a crossing on your bicycle that the car coming from your left is a danger. It's bigger, heavier and has areas especially developed for collisions where you have only flesh to soften the impact. Yesterday a cyclist thought to try out the head first approach in order to shake things up a bit. Unsuccessful although from what I could see his own head was pretty well shaken. And today we saw the bike first approach. One word of advice: Do not stand in the predictable path the bike will follow once it bounces back. Today resulted in one leg clearly broken and the other one suspiciously bend.

But....we can all breath again: the traffic food chain held up. Okay perhaps it would be better to accept it as a fact instead of challenging it. Accept that as a pedestrian your socks will be run off by cyclists. Accept as a cyclist the others are stronger. And accept as a (car)driver that even with your build in padding the other one is just to big for you ;-)

G'night and be safe out there

Monday, November 17, 2008

Was there?

Some twenty years ago a group of friends travelled to Antwerp for an extended weekend of partying. I  was lucky. Instead of having to share a room with 4 or 5 others of whom you don’t like everyone the same I ended up sharing the hotel room with two of my better friends.

It must have been the third day there that after spending the day at the beach near Oostende and drinking a few beers in the local establishments back in Antwerp the three of us were walking back to our hotel.  All the way back my friends were hanging onto each other’s shoulders but I put that down to a little bit too much of the local brew and the camaraderie that is involved with such a trip. Back in our room however they kept on hugging each other and slowly I started to get the point. Okay, they fancied each other.

"I want you now." I heard one whisper. "We can’t. H will notice." "So what, he won’t tell." "I'mm not sure, what if...." "You guys, do whatever you want to do but please let me sleep." Stupid fuggs. It was with the sound of their first kisses that I made my entry to dreamland.


During the years that have gone by I am the only one from the travelling party that has been visiting their home.  For twenty years they have been hiding their identity to the group of friends. We had numerous discussion about that. When you feel the need to hide your identity to your friends are they really your friends and vice versa when your friends stop to be your friends because of your coming out do you really lose anything?

I know in the soccer world there aren't any gay men presumably, but Daniel felt he had to hide himself for twenty years. Mark came out some ten years ago when he stopped playing the game but they never told anyone about their relationship. When leaving to go home they would make sure everyone saw they went separate ways.

At the end of last season Daniel hung up his boots. Although he told everyone that he felt his body  was too old to play week in week out I think with his 40th birthday coming up he was finally coming to the point he didn't want to hide anymore.

Three weeks later everyone from the original party got an invitation to their wedding.


During the last months there have been heated discussions within that original group. About the need they felt to hide. About me not telling my friends. About not going to the wedding.

This Friday they got married and all but one showed up. The one missing did send a video message though.  You wonder: Was there a need to hide and what if they had come out?

Saturday, November 8, 2008


"H, you really have to buy it now. It is 40% off and you know you are going to buy it for me anyway."

I got a call this morning and these are the words spoken to me by my nephew. Somehow he got his hands on a leaflet about all kinds of kids stuff on sale. He was right 2/3rds though. I was going to buy it for him and it was 40% off. But I'm kinda busy with work at the moment (I like to use understatements) and do not particularly care for discounts or perhaps more the people I have to wrestle to get to the cashier once victorious in securing the item on sale. So I told Jeffrey I was unable to go to the shop because I was way to busy with work and although disappointed he accepted my 'explanation'.

During the day however I started to get what I call parental feelings. You need to teach the young ones the value of money and perhaps even more so in the current economical climate. I tried to easy my conscience by telling myself that the value of work ethics you need to teach also but eventually succumbed to the former and not much later found myself wrestling and elbowing a few people in a shop.

So now Jeffrey is the proud owner of another game I know in a few years he is going to beat me with. But I got my lecture in about the money and praised him for being so kind to call me. Besides the bruises I so proudly wear I've a good feeling right now but I am afraid to look to my right where a pile of work is waiting for me.

Ah well there is always tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone and enjoy yourself.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama country

Knowing how the baseball season went I shouldn't write this entry. I support the Cubs, with them out I thought the Dodgers should do it and, you guessed right, would have loved to see the Rays beat the Phillies who's ice cream logo I just don't like. But at the same time I never wrote about the Dodgers and Rays so me merely thinking can cause a jinx and thus I can safely write about something I till now have been relatively silent about. Yup, the upcoming election.

I'm a socialist-liberal. I know those terms are used to describe different political views in different countries so let me explain what a socialist-liberal is in my book. It is someone who wants to have as little governmental involvement in day-to-day business as possible without that becoming a free card to rip of the so-called weaker participants in society. It is someone who wants law and order firmly upheld but with a strong 'you are responsible for yourself' signature. It is someone who is pro abortion and euthanasia which are personal choices and against for instance guns and the death penalty. It is someone who isn't against paying taxes persé, but wants to see those taxes used in a responsible way.

Although non-US-people aren't allowed to vote they may contribute in what seems to be the most important election in decades. They also may have an opinion as, and we have seen that the last years especially, the outcome influences not only the US but life on a global scale. For me the choice is not too difficult. On one side you have a guy for the 20th century and on the other side one for the 21st century. I don't think we have time for another one from the old days. It is time for a change and for me that is Obama. By the way, had this election been run in the Netherlands McCain wouldn't even had to bother to show any commercials anymore. A recent survey showed us to be 74% in favour of Obama. I apparently live in Obama country LOL

I know Obama doesn't have a track record but having none is better then one that is too long. Personally when I look at McCain I see a man in pain, who perhaps doesn't even want to be the next president but is surrounded by people who want him to be. I think the loyalty he has shown them should be rewarded but not by voting him into office.

Whoever gets elected though has to start with what are the worst circumstances in the last 60 years and can not be envied for that. I hope that those on the sideline criticizing will be mature enough to take into account the difficulties we are facing. You are voting for a human not some mythological figure with powers usually read about in comic books.

On a last note and almost sounding religious: I think not only the US but the entire world is looking for some kind of hope and electing Obama would be a good step towards that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you reading this?

Damnit, I love you. I don't love you.

Damnit, I need you. I don't need you.

Damnit, I want you. I don't want you.

I don't wanna lose you.

(Freely after Matthias Reim - Verdammt - Ich lieb' dich)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We were having dinner at a nice restaurant when a mid-twenty flawless beauty walked in. That she was accompanied with a very much older man is a fact but not of interest to this entry.*LOL* She was flawless and I mean flawless as in photo shopped before it reaches your eyes. Not surprising quite a few heads turned as did ours.

"Attracted?" Nathalie said. "Hmm, not really. She is gorgeous and all but attraction is a whole different matter." "So given the chance you wouldn't sleep with her?" She went on asking. "Oh I would sleep with her given the chance but I would see that as a temporary thing. I think it is called lust." "So what does attract you then?" "Beauty with flaws. Like a little scar above the eyebrow or a little bump on the nose. Something that makes it interesting." "Hmm okay, so I guess I have to ask now: What is my flaw?" "The one that first caught my eye?" "Yes, wait a second, there are more?" "Yeah." "Okay, let's have it. Start with the first one you saw." "It started with the slight bend of your nose. Followed by the small scar on your upper arm as well as little difference in height of your nipples. I later found out it is because your breasts differ in size. And last that cute dimple on your bum." "And you noticed that the first time you saw me?" "The nose I noticed long before but the arm and nipples only the evening we hooked up. The dimple and breast size the following morning." (Picture me grinning)

When we later sat at the bar Nathalie somehow ended up sitting next to this flawless vixen. Not much more then small talk was exchanged until she told her she was absolutely stunning but also wondered if she had perhaps a scar somewhere. The woman looked at her a little stunned but nevertheless told her she had a little scar near her knee. "Cheque please!" was the last thing Nath said.

I had fun tonight!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 reasons

I was just happily chatting with Nath tonight when I suddenly said: "I've 17 reasons to smash the television set right now." She looked at me, slighty bewildered, and said: "You know you only need one, right?"

It is nice to know she supports me whatever I come up with *LOL*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling better

I'm feeling well enough to get back to work tomorrow. Can not stay away any longer anyway. Normally I would have taken another day or two and this might well haunt me the coming weekend but I don't have an alternative really.

The price of feeling responsible. ;-)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Show it to me

I really need it. You know I need it so don't hold back and show it to me. Yeah, I know you've had the same thing but mine is worse. I can not see straight. All I can do is close my eyes and even that hurts. It hurts when I blink, it hurts when I turn my head. You know it hurts. You can see my pain. I'm putting on a brave face for you but those flinches you see are actually the equivalent of thunderbolts hitting my brain. Read a book you said. Well my eyeballs even hurt when I'm just following the line. Btw my legs are turning numb also because I have no strenght to do the exercises my back needs. You ever felt such numbness? I don't think so, so show it to me. And don't get me started about my throat. Even swallowing hurts and the only thing that helps there are cold beers. So bring me those, I need them. Not too much though cause they will cause my headache to grow. Oh and last but not least: Have you seen my nose? No it isn't caused by the beer. Don´t make fun about it. It feels as if the skin is coming off. Even the slightest of contact hurts so please give it to me. Show it, I know you can.......

Yeah so, I have a cold and I can not bitch about it? Tough!!! Now show me some compassion!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surrounding yourself

There are a few things that I really hate or maybe better fear to do but the one that is probably on top of my list is speaking in public. When you take time to think about it is actually weird for an adviser/consultant to have that fear. I don't mind small intimate groups, in fact I usually end up taking a lead role in there, the problem starts when the group becomes around 10 or more or when I have to make a presentation.

All my working life I have surrounded myself with people who knew I didn't speak in public and were willing and able to do the job for me. They gave/give our organisation a face and voice. I've gone as far as handing written messages to them with questions I'd like to ask and perhaps an even lower point was reached when I asked a former employee, who just came to say his goodbye's to my assistant, to hold the speech on that same going away party. But somehow people accept that from me. I'm guessing it's either the fact I'm very open about it or that I'm a likeable guy or a combination of those two. Anyways I get away with it.

Today we held a meeting at a theatre and about 45-50 people were present. I had to be there of course but it goes without saying I wasn't scheduled to speak. At some point however, I already forgot what triggered it, I had to speak up and suddenly with the words coming from my mouth I realised that having been silent all that time actually meant my words had a far greater effect then I anticipated. I couldn't stop at that point but I had to do some damage control afterwards.

I've assured my colleagues that this was a one-off but knowing the weight of my words when I do speak does make me wonder if I should use it a little more. My fear will prevent me from planning such a thing but maybe next time when I start to write down some words I have to think about the importance a little more and weigh the option of speaking myself.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Clown suit

Okay, I may not understand personal publicity or politics but when during a debate (or at least that's how it was billed) someone says you're doing A you do not just reply with: "I have a short answer: No. But let me tell you about B."

Actually I think I do understand personal publicity and politics a little but I can say I do not care much for practicing either. If anyone tells me I do A, I do however either explain they are wrong and the reasoning behind it or agree with them and defend that position.

Although I only saw flashes of the latest debate a strange thought took harbour in my brain. "You can always put on a clown suit and say that anyone who chooses you will get laughter in his or her life but making people smile is actually one of the hardest things in life"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trick question

Hey H. How much are you in sync with this world?

It is a harmless question that you can easily get away from with pulling a monkey face or just answering that you aren't, never have been and probably won't in the foreseeable future. But have you ever seriously asked yourself that question?

I was just thinking today that, although I read the papers and watch the news, am providing jobs and working my share as well, do my own shopping and laundry, pay taxes and receive government grants, am interested in the world's health be it environmentally, financially or physically, am living my life and taking part in that of others, I feel I'm living my life and the world lives its own.

It doesn't make me sad or unhappy. It just struck me as odd that, as interested and involved I think I am, most of the things around me just pass me by and have no affect on me personally whereas some global incidents really piss me off.

I think I'll start a conversation about the weather with the neighbour tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paris revisited

Living close to Paris, with the high speed trains it is only about 4 hours to cover the little over 300 miles these days, you can imagine it wasn't our first time there. I've always liked it there both for its cultural riches and natural way of life. The only thing preventing me from going more often is the fact I don't speak french and have great difficulty understanding it. Therefor I normally only go with a companion who has mastered the language. Rule 3 in my how to live book: When there is any obstacle hindering you in your ways either remove it or work around it. Never let it stop you.

Having been there before, your visit becomes less tourist-like. Nath for instance asked me if I had my camera packed. I hadn't and she decided not to bring hers either. It's just an indication of how we looked at this trip. With this entry I could tell you about the great dinner we had at a place called Louis, about the quick dash through a small part of the Louvre or about some of the architecture that keeps amazing us but as you have gathered by now this entry isn't going to be a touristic play by play. Instead I want to share the one part of the trip that stands out to me.

It was sunday morning when I woke up and saw Nath already awake. This is unusual btw. Laying on her back, staring at the ceiling I saw glimpses of a smile. One moment it was there and then suddenly it was almost gone.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked. "The different stages of happiness and I'm trying to decide at which point I or we are and how we can make progress." she answered. "Are you close to an answer yet?" "Not really but I've already determined I'm pretty happy and we are doing very well in the happy department also." "Hehe, I can add my happiness to that and I think we aren't far off from being fully happy together also."

We ended up talking about the different things that make us happy for 3 hours or so and although in Paris I can honestly say that no Louvre or Champ Elysee can beat that moment in my life.

When you are on your way there you start thinking and discussing about things you can do whilst there but at no point I had considered spending that amount of time in bed and being awake. Being awake during a trip either means bunny-like behaviour or taking in the sights. *LOL* Nath had decided on this trip because she felt I needed some distraction away from work but I think she had not anticipated the fact those 3 hours brought me more inner peace then and sightseeing could have done. It was time well spend.



Thursday, September 11, 2008


Should I bring my laptop to Paris so you can play a game if you want to?

In itself it is a very considerate question from a loving woman you'd think. But I didn't even know I was going to Paris until she asked. My first thought was when do we go? Second came the how long do we go? And third was the how can I fit this in my work schedule?

These thoughts were never verbally transmitted to her but I guess I either showed a face with a big question mark or she knows me well. She started filling the blanks. We are going tomorrow morning and will stay for two nights. So we'll be back sunday evening. And yes, she contacted my office and both she and my assistant had agreed I could use a day off and was able to do so.

So I sat down and thought about her original question and turned down the offer. I figure having her company and the surroundings to match I can do without any other distraction. Surely I will have an hour here or there but do I have to fill that playing poker? I don't think so. I'll be quite happy to sit down somewhere and just watch the people. Or maybe just spend the entire time looking at her.

I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you end up spending it.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

she calls

Most of us are lucky enough to find persons to really love and have this love answered. Not because they are family, that's another kind of love, but because you as a person appeal to them and vice versa. Sometimes this love transforms to a relationship but most times a good and healthy friendship develops.

Today I found myself in the company of one male love and three female loves having a drink outside a bar. We were discussing similarities and common grounds when it suddenly hit me. I'd shared a bed with all of them, but not bedded any. When I pointed out I'd slept with all of them even the table next to us fell silent. For one strangely awkward moment all eyes turned to the male companion. He caught on the fattest's. "Yeah, so what?"

(FYI: We shared a bed on a boat turned hotel for a extended weekend. The bed tilted a little so we woke up spooning in the morning. One morning we even were sandwiching a girl he picked up the night before)

A little loud, so the table next to us could hear it also, I spoke about my surprise that in an apparently tolerating society all eyes were pointed at the male and that this was even more surprising as he was the only one I had not intentionally touched during these nightly escapades. <<insert a big grin here>> The faces I got to see where those varying from shame to shock.

A cell phone rings. It's answered and after the  "Hi" and "we are at Murphy's" the conversation turns to my revelations. Shortly after the phone is handed to me. It's Nath, She tells me not to scare her friends anymore. *LOL* I tell her I will try not to. At least till the time she arrives. An hour or so later she is there and I can not help myself <<insert another big grin here>> "Btw, do you people know I showered with three of you?"

Nath shakes her head and the females loves now look at each other....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am I too direct ?

What is so bad about saying to another person you do not want to have contact with them anymore? We all have these kind of passerby contacts both online and offline. Nothing serious and mostly originating from a common interest. In time you realize it is just a burden to keep up so you tell this contact you aren't going to chat with them anymore. Nothing major I think, just honesty. I've been on the giving and receiving end in this and of course I didn't always like it but people are free to choose their friends and contacts right?

Actually instead of keeping people wondering what happened, why no reply is coming anymore, I think being honest and clear about your intentions is to be cheered.

I personally would like any contacts I have that think about disconnecting me to actually tell me they are going to, no reason needed, instead of leaving me in Lalaland. I, myself, have already cut back the number of contacts I have. I explained, granted sometimes rather direct, why I made the move and except for two or three that took it personal I had good reactions. Sometimes people even were surprised I took the time to inform them but I guess that's my nature shining through.

P.S. I didn't want to take time to make this a logical entry. I just typed and as I think way quicker then I can ever type I sometimes don't type sentences I think I typed. So when you read this and think "hm, I'm missing something" you are probably right. ;-)

Enjoy whatever you are doing...and when you think I'm writing about you just drop me a message


Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I picked one

As my friends predicted there will be a moment where you feel you support a certain team. When you look at the scores you look for that team first. Then you look for its nearest rivals followed by the rest of the scores. Other indications are things like TV-schedules. You know you have nothing else to do and look for something to watch on television. A game is on and you think: "Hmmm, not interested." But when that certain team is up you feel happy to spend some time watching them.
For me it turns out that team is the Chicago Cubs. Yes, I may have been influenced to have a good look at them by Deb. But at the same time, knowing I like some competitive banter from time to time, it made me critical of letting me like them. But in the end I have to accept I just like them.
Of course now the Football season is nearing I have to go look for a team there also LOL
On the work front I've run into some set backs. I had to go looking for a new secretary /assistant. The one that only has only be mine for 8-9 months is unable to physically deal with the pressure/stress that comes with it. The littlest amount upsets her stomach and although she loved the job no paycheck is worth that kind of situation.
As we really connected on a personal level I would have loved to keep her on board but at the moment we don't have any job open that is less stressful. With her help I found a new assistant though and I hope she will be with me for a longer period. Personality wise I think we will be able to work together but what always is a guess is whether or not we will connect on a personal level. For me that's a very important part of my working relationship.
I guess the phrase has to be: More on that later.
Have a good week everyone

Monday, July 28, 2008

Step by step

Sometimes days just come and days just go. This doesn't say that nothing happens though. In fact a lot goes on during most days that you forget or maybe better identify to be special. You expect your alarm clock to go off at the set time. You expect your newspaper to be on your doorstep. You expect your way of transport to run like clockwork. Actually during a day you expect so much it in itself is a miracle.

Of course I don't expect any reader to take notice tomorrow of all these things. I can hear a few scream 'Not enough hours in day to take notice' but it might be a good thing not all is taken for granted. (Don't say thank you to the alarm going off but maybe say thank you to the guy delivering the newspaper)

We Dutch are generally considered rude. This comes mostly because of the fact we don't say thank you enough. I will not defend it because I still think saying thank you to people doing their job is said once a month when they pick up their pay but I will try to say thank you more often when people make the extra effort.

Now I just have to recognize the efforts ;)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everything comes in t(h)rees

First off a little success story: Won a poker game just yet. I went all in with 33 and they became a full house. Next hand again 33. Opponent went all in and my three's held up. End of game.

But what I really wanted to share is something that 'disturbed' me earlier today. We decided to go out for a walk before tuning in for the last part of today's Tour de France stage and went to the nearby woods. The amount of garbage lying around was disgusting. I can understand the occasional piece of paper making travel arrangements to get out of the city. Preferred operator for that trip is the wind but for most of the garbage that doesn't fly. Most people go out to the woods to enjoy the scenery but fail to tidy up after themselves. Why? Are they so ignorant or is it laziness? Probably a combination of the two. We saw two pairs of pantie hoses btw. I can but rather not imagine how they ended up there.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So you write?

"I was writing last night but it went nowhere so I trashed it."

"You write?"

"Yeah, I've been doing that since high school."

"Funny, I never thought of you as a writer."

"Hmm, what did you think of me?"

"Not sure really..."

"So actually you never really thought of me."

"Yeah well, I did but not as a writing kind of guy."

<<<Saw the opening. Had to take advantage of it>>>

"Ah okay, so if I'd write you a love letter your thought and my writing would come together?"

"Uh uh, can we talk about something else?"

"Sure, that's fine with me."

"What do you write about?"

<<< I am who I am>>>

"Love letters!"


Yes I had fun

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer pregnancies

Yesterday we were visiting a friend of Nathalie. I hadn’t seen her for awhile so I was surprised to find her pregnant but for this entry that isn’t important. What is, is the fact she was 6.5 months pregnant and was complaining about the heat that has the Dutch huffing and puffing for the last two days.  Currently a storm front is moving in so tomorrow we’ll be back to normal temperatures.

Anyways, hearing her complain about the heat I couldn’t resist (nobody would expect that after all) to ask her why in this day and age of planning she chose to have her last months for the pregnancy from July till September? Before anyone comments about how not every woman has the luxury to plan a pregnancy I will argue that although I acknowledge that fact I also know the majority is able to.

Her answer was that she had thought about a lot of things but this had escaped her. Okay, happens.

 I started to wonder though if she was alone in this. So today I searched for birth statistics and I was surprised to learn that the number of births does not vary much from month to month. In fact the summer months have a slightly higher total. I cannot come up with an explanation for this. I would have thought people took the heat more into consideration and also for me personally the summer months are umm hornier. I mean the lesser amount of clothing certainly has its effects. ;-)

So I guess my babies would have been born in April or May.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Supporting your team.

Normally you don’t have to pick a team to support at a later stage in life because you will have been growing up supporting a team. Sometimes it will be your home team. It may even be the team your dad was a lively fan of or perhaps because your dad was such a lively supporter you picked their natural rivals to be your favourite.  

No such luck for me when I came across Major League Baseball (MLB). Of course I have known of its existence for years but other than the occasional World Series game nothing was ever shown on television over here. This all changed when a few months ago I switched from cable to digital TV and NASN (North American Sports Network) came to my world. NASN is a TV channel in Europe exclusively dedicated to broadcasting North American sports. Except for Basketball (NBA), which has licensed the games to various European outlets already  and thus can’t be shown without breaching those rights they show every sport.  So, not being a hockey fan I still came to enjoy the final games for the Stanley Cup and now I am catching my share of MLB games.

Back to my dilemma.  Sports are fun to watch but become even more interesting when you support a team. So I went on the search to find my team in the MLB. I don’t care about the DH. I didn’t know most teams. But I knew most names like Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs, Oakland A’s, Marlins, Mariners etc etc. So how do you decide which team you like? Do you look at the teams some of your friends support, like Deb’s Cubs, or do you , even though you like the Cubs, want to create some competiveness with your friends and pick another team like the Cardinals? Do you go for the proven front runners  so you’ll be certain to compete or do you say that’s too easy and go for the team not likely to figure in the immediate future, like perhaps the Padres ? Do you go for the team because of a particular player you like, like Manny Ramirez of the Red Sox? But what if he gets traded? You’ll perhaps be left with players you don’t particularly like (Mike Lowell for instance). Do you go for the team from the city you once visited and took a liking to (San Francisco over Toronto) or do you go for the city you still want to visit (Seattle) and already write down one thing to do when there?

There are many things that come into consideration when like me you haven’t grown into the sport and I’m still on the search. I’ve crossed out a few teams already. Some for nothing more than having a bad logo (Toronto, Tampa Bay, Marlins, Detroit, White Sox, Brewers, Angels, Rockies), some for nothing more than wearing hideous uniforms (Kansas City, San Diego, what were those camouflage ones? Even for one time and one particular reason I don’t think you can do that LOL, Oakland, Nationals) and some for the fact I just don’t like them (Giants, Texas, Mets, Astros). But I’m still looking for that one ball club that makes me look up the scores and  standings. That one club that will break the restrictions holding my enthusiasm currently. Any ideas?