Sunday, August 31, 2008

she calls

Most of us are lucky enough to find persons to really love and have this love answered. Not because they are family, that's another kind of love, but because you as a person appeal to them and vice versa. Sometimes this love transforms to a relationship but most times a good and healthy friendship develops.

Today I found myself in the company of one male love and three female loves having a drink outside a bar. We were discussing similarities and common grounds when it suddenly hit me. I'd shared a bed with all of them, but not bedded any. When I pointed out I'd slept with all of them even the table next to us fell silent. For one strangely awkward moment all eyes turned to the male companion. He caught on the fattest's. "Yeah, so what?"

(FYI: We shared a bed on a boat turned hotel for a extended weekend. The bed tilted a little so we woke up spooning in the morning. One morning we even were sandwiching a girl he picked up the night before)

A little loud, so the table next to us could hear it also, I spoke about my surprise that in an apparently tolerating society all eyes were pointed at the male and that this was even more surprising as he was the only one I had not intentionally touched during these nightly escapades. <<insert a big grin here>> The faces I got to see where those varying from shame to shock.

A cell phone rings. It's answered and after the  "Hi" and "we are at Murphy's" the conversation turns to my revelations. Shortly after the phone is handed to me. It's Nath, She tells me not to scare her friends anymore. *LOL* I tell her I will try not to. At least till the time she arrives. An hour or so later she is there and I can not help myself <<insert another big grin here>> "Btw, do you people know I showered with three of you?"

Nath shakes her head and the females loves now look at each other....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Am I too direct ?

What is so bad about saying to another person you do not want to have contact with them anymore? We all have these kind of passerby contacts both online and offline. Nothing serious and mostly originating from a common interest. In time you realize it is just a burden to keep up so you tell this contact you aren't going to chat with them anymore. Nothing major I think, just honesty. I've been on the giving and receiving end in this and of course I didn't always like it but people are free to choose their friends and contacts right?

Actually instead of keeping people wondering what happened, why no reply is coming anymore, I think being honest and clear about your intentions is to be cheered.

I personally would like any contacts I have that think about disconnecting me to actually tell me they are going to, no reason needed, instead of leaving me in Lalaland. I, myself, have already cut back the number of contacts I have. I explained, granted sometimes rather direct, why I made the move and except for two or three that took it personal I had good reactions. Sometimes people even were surprised I took the time to inform them but I guess that's my nature shining through.

P.S. I didn't want to take time to make this a logical entry. I just typed and as I think way quicker then I can ever type I sometimes don't type sentences I think I typed. So when you read this and think "hm, I'm missing something" you are probably right. ;-)

Enjoy whatever you are doing...and when you think I'm writing about you just drop me a message


Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I picked one

As my friends predicted there will be a moment where you feel you support a certain team. When you look at the scores you look for that team first. Then you look for its nearest rivals followed by the rest of the scores. Other indications are things like TV-schedules. You know you have nothing else to do and look for something to watch on television. A game is on and you think: "Hmmm, not interested." But when that certain team is up you feel happy to spend some time watching them.
For me it turns out that team is the Chicago Cubs. Yes, I may have been influenced to have a good look at them by Deb. But at the same time, knowing I like some competitive banter from time to time, it made me critical of letting me like them. But in the end I have to accept I just like them.
Of course now the Football season is nearing I have to go look for a team there also LOL
On the work front I've run into some set backs. I had to go looking for a new secretary /assistant. The one that only has only be mine for 8-9 months is unable to physically deal with the pressure/stress that comes with it. The littlest amount upsets her stomach and although she loved the job no paycheck is worth that kind of situation.
As we really connected on a personal level I would have loved to keep her on board but at the moment we don't have any job open that is less stressful. With her help I found a new assistant though and I hope she will be with me for a longer period. Personality wise I think we will be able to work together but what always is a guess is whether or not we will connect on a personal level. For me that's a very important part of my working relationship.
I guess the phrase has to be: More on that later.
Have a good week everyone