Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trick question

Hey H. How much are you in sync with this world?

It is a harmless question that you can easily get away from with pulling a monkey face or just answering that you aren't, never have been and probably won't in the foreseeable future. But have you ever seriously asked yourself that question?

I was just thinking today that, although I read the papers and watch the news, am providing jobs and working my share as well, do my own shopping and laundry, pay taxes and receive government grants, am interested in the world's health be it environmentally, financially or physically, am living my life and taking part in that of others, I feel I'm living my life and the world lives its own.

It doesn't make me sad or unhappy. It just struck me as odd that, as interested and involved I think I am, most of the things around me just pass me by and have no affect on me personally whereas some global incidents really piss me off.

I think I'll start a conversation about the weather with the neighbour tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paris revisited

Living close to Paris, with the high speed trains it is only about 4 hours to cover the little over 300 miles these days, you can imagine it wasn't our first time there. I've always liked it there both for its cultural riches and natural way of life. The only thing preventing me from going more often is the fact I don't speak french and have great difficulty understanding it. Therefor I normally only go with a companion who has mastered the language. Rule 3 in my how to live book: When there is any obstacle hindering you in your ways either remove it or work around it. Never let it stop you.

Having been there before, your visit becomes less tourist-like. Nath for instance asked me if I had my camera packed. I hadn't and she decided not to bring hers either. It's just an indication of how we looked at this trip. With this entry I could tell you about the great dinner we had at a place called Louis, about the quick dash through a small part of the Louvre or about some of the architecture that keeps amazing us but as you have gathered by now this entry isn't going to be a touristic play by play. Instead I want to share the one part of the trip that stands out to me.

It was sunday morning when I woke up and saw Nath already awake. This is unusual btw. Laying on her back, staring at the ceiling I saw glimpses of a smile. One moment it was there and then suddenly it was almost gone.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked. "The different stages of happiness and I'm trying to decide at which point I or we are and how we can make progress." she answered. "Are you close to an answer yet?" "Not really but I've already determined I'm pretty happy and we are doing very well in the happy department also." "Hehe, I can add my happiness to that and I think we aren't far off from being fully happy together also."

We ended up talking about the different things that make us happy for 3 hours or so and although in Paris I can honestly say that no Louvre or Champ Elysee can beat that moment in my life.

When you are on your way there you start thinking and discussing about things you can do whilst there but at no point I had considered spending that amount of time in bed and being awake. Being awake during a trip either means bunny-like behaviour or taking in the sights. *LOL* Nath had decided on this trip because she felt I needed some distraction away from work but I think she had not anticipated the fact those 3 hours brought me more inner peace then and sightseeing could have done. It was time well spend.



Thursday, September 11, 2008


Should I bring my laptop to Paris so you can play a game if you want to?

In itself it is a very considerate question from a loving woman you'd think. But I didn't even know I was going to Paris until she asked. My first thought was when do we go? Second came the how long do we go? And third was the how can I fit this in my work schedule?

These thoughts were never verbally transmitted to her but I guess I either showed a face with a big question mark or she knows me well. She started filling the blanks. We are going tomorrow morning and will stay for two nights. So we'll be back sunday evening. And yes, she contacted my office and both she and my assistant had agreed I could use a day off and was able to do so.

So I sat down and thought about her original question and turned down the offer. I figure having her company and the surroundings to match I can do without any other distraction. Surely I will have an hour here or there but do I have to fill that playing poker? I don't think so. I'll be quite happy to sit down somewhere and just watch the people. Or maybe just spend the entire time looking at her.

I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you end up spending it.