Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Slowly but surely Nath and I are working on our real life MASH episode. Okay, her part is the leading role and I am the supporting act but still I'm playing my part.

Tuesday I started to feel some pain in my shoulder. No worries, happened before, gone before. But during the night the pain got really intense, to a point I couldn't manage to sleep more then 15 minutes and by 5 AM I had enough and got up. But what are you to do at 5 AM? Well, in my case, you turn on your computer and look for some friends online. Hey Kim ;-)  I hope I didn't scare you too much coming online at that hour.

With the holidays on their way and subsequently the doctor's offices being closed during that period I quickly made an appointment for them to have a look. Turns out I have Subacromial bursitis, the fancy name for an inflammation within the shoulder. Other then being painful as hell and best cured by rest and some medication there is not much to worry about.

Anyways got the pills and.... went back to work. Last night, if the pain in the shoulder is any indication, I knew that wasn't as 'resty' as the doctor would have wanted. But the next 4 days I will rest. Monday I had scheduled to do inventory at one of our clients warehouses but I cancelled my participation. All I now have to do on monday is carry out some tax payments and finish a report. The rest can wait and I plan to let it wait if I still feel any pain.

Okay everyone, Have a great week and enjoy whatever you do or don't celebrate.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Another update

We learned today that Nath won't be home for a week still. If she is released next monday it will be more or less the standard recovery time for the kind of operation she had so her hope of being home for x-mas was, although making good progress, a little too optimistic.

I myself am sort of glad they keep her for a few days more. I know she would do more then she is supposed to once at home. Independent people just hate to be depending on others. Once she gets home it will be another 4 weeks until she should be able to do all the normal things.

She impresses and at the same time scares me most in her way of handling the illness. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago and I've watched her closely to see any signs of distress. But I never saw any. In her words: I've a problem so they get in and fix it by getting them out. I can easily live without them so no need to get all worked up about it.

It leaves me with the question: Has reality sunk in yet or will she be hit by a train soon? We've talked many hours about this and she does everything to make me believe reality has sunk in but like I said: Whilst it impresses me it also scares me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick update

Girlfriend: Stomach bug. Hospital. Operation. All fine. Hopefully home before x-mas.

Me: Tired. 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some mornings aren't as others

There it was, cupped by what is best described as a Victoria Secret Bra, for everyone to see. A beautiful shaped breast. Why this is so special? Well it was presented to me at my local bakery. I've been going there for over ten years but never was I greeted by a more pleasant sight then this morning. I'm sure others before me had seen the same but apparently no one bothered to tell the lady in question that she somehow had buttoned her shirt leaving little to the imagination.

In Dutch it would have made no sense had I told her: "I came for some buns but this I also appreciate." because it just doesn't translate well. Instead I leaned a bit over the counter and softly told her: "As much as I and others before me appreciate the view I think you should adjust the buttons of your shirt a little." She first looked at me as if I was speaking Swahili but then she slowly started to look down. "OH Shit!" she muttered as she turned around and adjusted her shirt. Red faced she returned to the counter. "Thank you, no one else had mentioned it. It must have been this way since this morning." "You've made the day of quite a few men then I think." I said with a wink. "Once again thank you." She said with a little smile whilst handing me back the change.

"No, Thank you!"

It certainly gave me something to smile about but on my way home I started to think if I now have betrayed the brotherhood of men. On the other hand "Brotherhood of Man" once sang Save All Your Kisses so I guess sharing isn't part of the brotherhood thingie.

Enjoy yourselves.

Monday, December 1, 2008

"the not so big 4-0"

Going through life there are many things you do because you are supposed to do them.  Even as a kid, my mother will testify to it, I have had the knack to not doing those things. Of course you think that is what a kid is supposed to do.  But in my case I took it a step further. For example when a teacher criticized my handwriting, something I just didn’t want to spend time on, I started to write with my left hand. After a few months I had mastered that to a point the teacher felt he could start criticizing that so I started to write upside down. After he finally ignored my handwriting I returned to writing with my right hand. Btw I can still do all three variations today and with the added skill of reading upside down I’ve caused quite a few frowns during meetings with people sitting opposite me.

 Another thing that stood out was my total lack of enthusiasm when it came to my birthday. You’d think a kid and presents: What can go wrong ? But for me it has always been a struggle to share the joy others obviously felt unwrapping or getting presents. Maybe I take to many things for granted but when someone asks me what I want for my birthday and then on the day delivers that in some fancy wrapping I cannot be surprised. And don’t think I was spoilt financially. Both my parents had to work to make ends meet but provided everything I then needed. Perhaps I was spoilt in a sense by the care free environment they provided. Or perhaps I am just low maintenance in the gifts department.

On the other hand giving presents is way more my thing. I’m lucky to be able to do that as I wish and can really enjoy someone else’s joy in receiving. The only thing that worries me with that is that people in general want to give back. I’m kinda working against myself with that.

Anyways yesterday I turned 40 and during the weekend I entertained the family on this for them BIG birthday. I took everyone out to dinner and without thinking about it beforehand told them this was my last one celebrating. Based on the average age men die in this country I have done my duty by celebrating halve of my birthdays and thinking of them and I find it only normal that from now on they acknowledge my wish in not celebrating. They went silent for a moment until my little niece asked if she still could call me to congratulate me. Of course she can. As can anyone else for that matter. I, in a somewhat contradiction, like people to congratulate me on my birthday. What I don’t like and understand is the hoopla that accompanies it and for myself I now have put an end to that.

Off to bed I am. Cheers everyone