Saturday, January 31, 2009

The past

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read Kim's Myspace blog entry about past dates and relationships. If you have an opportunity to read it, please do. I'm sure it will trigger memories of some of your own experiences. As it turns out I was laughing so much that Hanneke, who's visiting from Oz for a few days, did notice and wanted to know what was so funny.

This was the start for a lively discussion about past bf's and gf's. Nathalie joined in and soon we were wiping tears from our eyes from laughing. Except for the one "boyfriend from the darkest side of hell" our experiences can be described as funny, character building or "one of those dates". I remember one relationship myself that when it ended really hit me hard but looking back was something that shaped me positively. I never came around to thanking Yvonne for that and I will correct that next time I bump into her.

Before I've never really been interested in the past bf's of my partners. I'm a living in the present kind of guy and other then STD's there is not much what those predecessors can bring me. Still we ended up counting our past relationships and not surprisingly (for me at least) I had the fewest. Although my number (11) was more then I thought I would come up with, my current gf (16) and ex-gf (21) clearly have the upper hand. They established (and I'll never, at the same time, argue with two women) that I was not a good representative for the male population and started to defend themselves. This I found somewhat funny because I don't judge them on past bf's or the number of them but they nevertheless felt the need to explain.

Of course for my amusement I let them go on for a little while but eventually had to stop them and point out that for the past 20 years, usually the years you have the most, perhaps experimental, relationships I've spend 18 years with one of them. As both were largely single the years not shared with me it is not more then normal to come up with a higher number of partners.

Anyways it was fun to have the discussion and I'll keep reading blogs for sure.

Btw 1: as males do tend to boast about their past relations and I at least have to show some sort of male genes I do want to ask you: Do I get bonus points for the threesome? *LMAO* (Don't answer that)

Btw 2: Nath's healing proces is going very well and as the two of them went on a shopping trip earlier this week I have the receipts to show it. ;-)

Monday, January 19, 2009


For a little set back due to a small infection Nath is getting back to 100% rather quick. Some stuff is still a no-no but most things she is able to do normally now. Personally that is quite a relief. Not just for the obvious reason of willing your loved ones to feel and be healthy but also for a far more selfish reason that I don't have to take care of her as much. It is gratifying being able to take care of someone but there are reasons why we don't live together etc etc.

For the rest my world is rather small these weeks. Work, sleep and a little poker is pretty much all that's happening. I hope to catch some footage tomorrow of the Obama inauguration so that I at least can say I have some feeling with the outside world. ;-)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Something silly

Okay I do strange stuff also but that's according to others because for me it is absolutely normal. I, therefor, don't judge behavioural irregularities but I do wonder.

Today I saw a couple making a walk through the neighbourhood. Obviously they had seen the weather report as they were carrying an umbrella but somehow they missed the fact it was really really tiny. You can guess what happened when it started to rain heavily. Both were trying to stay dry but neither managed. When I pointed it out to Nathalie she said I would have handed her the umbrella had it been us. I said: "No Way, I would have brought a bigger one."

One of the little things I notice and wonder about.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just a thought

Had I been paranoid I could see a commercial conspiracy (I can see one in almost everything) in developing the calendar as we know it and making January 1st some sort of well wish day.  You can bend over backwards or go all "hallmarky" but in the end it is a simple message that tells your family and friends you want all the best for them and that isn't something limited to one day. It is ongoing and therefor no happy New Year or something like that but like yesterday and probably like tomorrow I wish you and those you care for all the best.