Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been silent here the last few weeks. Not intentionally nor by chance. Sometimes you just go through your daily routines and at the end of the day have to make a choice where you want to spend the last hour at. Do I write about what I encountered that day or do I leave the time consuming writing to be taken on on another day and choose something easier to entertain myself? My silence was my choice.

We have been making good progress lately. She with feeling more comfortable within her own body and getting back to work fully. I by assessing the effects of the pre-depression for my company. It turns out we have to make adjustments in about 8-12 months. Nothing major I'm predicting but adjustments still.

Another form of silence came about last week when a friend of Nath asked our thoughts on being able to love someone a little less for a period of time and then love fully again a little later. I'm still toying with the idea. I mean I don't measure my love for my partner really. It is there and when not I'm with the wrong partner. But then I have looked at women passing by or been in flirtatious (Kim will check the spelling and usage of the word flirtatious here ;-) )conversation with the female part of our population and did my love at that particular point drop a few levels?