Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aim high or aim low?

I've been thinking about what is better: Aim high or aim low? Overall the first thought is aiming high is better. Then you get things done, then you give yourself challenges to be successful but aiming high can sap your enthusiasm because disappointment is right around the first corner.

No, after thinking about it I think aiming low is better. Aiming low is setting targets that can be reached and with that satisfaction can be achieved. Once you progress from that point on you feel elevated, you're achieving something. Of course you need to keep going after reaching the target. The target is never the end. The target is the absolute minimum and sitting back when you reach it sort of the equivalent of doing nothing. Some people are satisfied by that but it will not help them go forward.

Today I had meetings with two managers in the same company. They didn't know I was assessing/interviewing them for a position that will be available in a couple of months. They just thought I was following up on the plans we made for this year and the targets for the next. One had reached his target for the financial year that ends April 30th. He had plans to go on holiday. He had done his bit this year. The other will reach his targets mid April but is looking to initiate some campaigns that will help him surpass the initial target. His words: "Then we really earn some money."

There is a third candidate by the way. But I've mentally crossed him of my list. He is the guy that doesn't reach his targets this year. I have to say HIS targets because mine weren't ambitious enough for him. He aimed 'rather' high and then began hiring people to make that happen. Half way through the year he asked for even more personnel but that request had to be denied and he had to be told to cut costs rapidly to not go into the red.

Of course when candidate number three had succeeded he would have been the top earner for the company but the way I see it a company should take calculated risks and not ego-tripping risks. You will not earn money quickly that way but you'll earn money continuously and continuity is the bread and butter of doing business. So aim low but go forward from there is my advice and number two gets my vote.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not sure what to call this




"11 or 13?"






"Yep going next week."

"Makes sense."

The above is a conversation I had ealier today with a friend. We often have these kind of 'battles'. Downside is people around us give us strange looks.

Monday, March 9, 2009


With life back to normal events are back to normal as well. And so it can happen that one night after testing the strenght of the bed you both are trying to catch your breath and staring at the ceiling when she suddenly asks: "Are those shoes new?"

"Umm, yes." I answer rather surprised by that question. "Didn't you buy a new pair two weeks ago?" "Umm, yes." I start to wonder where this is going. "So you've spend $400 on shoes recently?" "Umm, yes. " And then it hits me. "What have you bought that you now feel safe enough about to tell me?" "Oh, it's nothing. Just some clothes I needed. And some shoes." "Dare I ask how much?" "You don't want to know." I agree I don't.

Including the two new pair I bought I now have 4 pair of shoes. The old ones I threw away because if they had been good still I wouldn´t have needed new ones, right. Life is simple that way but I'm told that this only applies to men. Women need at least 14 pair and that is the absolute minimum. And, and this is where their thinking goes wrong, men are to blame for that. In fact the blame is in their own court. They read the magazines, not us. They make those magazines, not us. And last but not least they in a strange way do only when it comes to fashion appreciate our opinion. Heck, our opinion equals any God´s words when it comes to fashion. Well not all our opinions. When you say you don´t like it, it does. But when you say you like it you´re not paying attention or lack knowledge.

And that´s why I agree. I don´t want to know but have to ask to let her tell me I don´t want to know. And I´m completely comfortable with that.