Tuesday, April 28, 2009


"H, did you hear the rumour about his death?"

"Rumour? I'm pretty sure we just buried the guy so that must be one hell of a rumour."

It certainly gave me a chuckle. ;-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I don't get it.

I hate it when I'm having a private dinner and a friend walks into the restaurant and invades my space. I don't mind acknowledging each others existence but I do mind coming up to the table and starting a long conversation. Even worse is keeping drinks getting send to your table after that and having to return the compliment. That's stalking.

So on friday when Nath and I went out to one of our favourite restaurants and I saw a friend of mine sitting cosy at a corner table with a female companion I just nodded and went on to sit at our table making sure that my back was towards them so I wouldn't let my eyes wander towards their table. I thought it to be a very polite gesture but somehow it was understood as it being quite the opposite.

I don't get it. We walk into the same restaurant looking for a private dinner but because we walked into the same restaurant we both can't have one? What kind of silly thinking is that? Does the bond we share have to be strengthened every time we see each other? Doesn't the bond become even stronger when we leave room for our own life's?

Nath says the world isn't ready for the full Houssie view on being social. And I guess incidents like these justify her view.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Am I better because you are worse?

Why is it that at someone elses expense jokes are made? Not the practical joke because set up right anyone can be the victim of those. I mean the jokes targeted directly at someone specifically. I never got the idea that when I made someone else feel bad I should feel better. Surely I have made fun of people but never with the intend for it to be malicious.Should I want to feel better I rather make a joke about myself. Others then assure me it is not so bad and I feel better LOL

Maybe it is insecurity or low self-esteem that drives people to make these jokes but the object of the joke never is a person that has the ability to defend properly. Some people just don't have the quick tongue or wit necessary and for those I did my good deed (spelling?) of the day.

A guy that tags along with one of my friends was making fun of someone while we were having a drink. Suddenly I felt it was enough and with two clearly spoken en razor sharpe sentences I burnt him down to the ground. The group went silent in wait of his reaction but his face was just frozen and all he did was produce a little stutter. He left a few minutes later without saying goodbye. One of my true friends asked: "H, what took you so long?" "I had to finish my drink first." And on we went into the night.......

Any spelling mistakes or bad worded sentences are to be discarded as said drinks have had the effect of making my head feel light. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. (in reference to an article I read this week about some bug becoming a problem again)


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night we heard our neighbours slam doors and scream at each other. I looked at Nath and wondered why we never had such fights. I so do want to slam the occasional door LOL. But seriously we just don't have those kind of fights. We argue over and disagree on many things but we somehow can agree on disagreeing.

When we argue over facts it is easy to verify those and you just say you were wrong. There is no shame in being wrong but there is shame in being proven wrong but wholeheartedly standing your ground.

Also I think that us not living together full time gives us room to not make issues about everything we disagree on. Because of the limited access we have to each other the small issues stay small issues and we carry on enjoying each others company. When it is a big issue we argue about we have time away from each other to reflect and nine times out of ten come to the conclusion it is after all not worth fighting over. The love is bigger then the disagreement.

12.5 years and no real door slamming fights or name calling arguments. Shouldn't we be awarded or rewarded for that?