Saturday, June 20, 2009


My views on life keeps raising questions. Although I see myself as a private person, and rather raise an eyebrow or mumble a hmmm then start preaching the gospel according to H, I don't shy away when asked about it. You can get the whole A to Z if you want it.

So I decided to write about the FAQ's.

FAQ: Why don't you marry that woman? Standard answer(SA): First of all that is a much her as my decision and second did you yourself decide marriage is a higher good or are you influenced by the popular view?
The only bonus I see in marriage is the fact that married couples legally have an advantage over unmarried couples. Lots of legal issues are set in stone for couples that are married whilst unmarried couples have to go out of their way to achieve that. Maybe a wrong that needs to be righted?

FAQ: Don't you want to have kids? SA: No, don't want the responsibility.
Follow-up FAQ: Do you know what you're missing out on?: SA: I think I do and therefor think I'm not missing out.
I think there are enough people on this planet as it is and quite frankly I don't want to lose the hours I can spend on my own or with my woman. Selfish perhaps but for me healthier for sure.

FAQ: Why don't you have a car? SA: I don't have a license.
Follow-up FAQ: How do you manage without one? SA: Up till now pretty good. Otherwise I would have gotten one I guess.
I know it depends on the country you live in and that driving a car gives you a certain freedom but I managed,  and made choices to allow for that, to do without one. Sure it takes me a few more minutes to go from A to B and occasionally I need to ask a friend for help but I never came to the point that I felt it was time to get a license.

FAQ: You don't care about status do you? SA: Actually I do but I don't think it is gained by a big car, flashy jewellery or fancy clothes. I think actions, past but foremost present, give you status.
For me it is simple. I'm the boss. Everyone knows that so why should I dress up to accentuate that? Why would I wear a $ 1.000 watch when I don't need one. I actually don't wear one at all. When someone feels happier dressing up and showing off the watch kudos to them for doing it but it does not in any way grant them any status.

FAQ: You are weird. Do you know that? SA: Different is a better word.
I sometimes think that at a young age we are all brainwashed to act and react in a certain way. A few of the names that float around that you probably heard of about this phenomenon are parenting, education and upbringing. In my case it didn't fail but the part where they said you need to think things through and then make a decision was the part that took the most influence. I don't say others have gotten it wrong I'm just saying that I think a little different for the large majority and look at our world from another angle (sometimes).

If any of the readers have another question they want to ask me you know how to reach me.