Sunday, July 26, 2009

Odd what listening can cause

I'm gonna speed-blog here because this would become a very long entry otherwise.

Last week I was coming home from work a little late and decided not to cook myself but grab a bite on the way. I was about to stop at a small restaurant I often visit when I am alone when I heard someone call my name.
A friend of mine, Saskia, who recently got divorced, had spotted me and the body language suggested she wanted to talk to me. I waited for her to catch up to me and discovered Sas obviously had something to get of her chest because she just wouldn't stop talking. Making sure I would have anything to eat that night I invited her to join me.

Without getting sidetracked too much I need to say I find her still rather attractive and some twenty years a go we danced around each other for a while and shared a few drinks but it never came to anything serious.

Anyways, two hours later we left the restaurant and as our homes are in the same direction we ended up on my doorstep. I expected our ways would separate here but found myself asking her if she would like to come up for a drink.
After opening the second bottle I thought it would be better that, instead of riding home, she'd spend the night at my place. Sas agreed and I called Nath to let her know what was happening. She understood my thinking and wished us a happy night and sweet dreams.

Now so far this isn't really unusual or blog worthy but when Saskia asked if she could shower before we went to bed and I allowed that, it did become just that.

One moment I said yes and the next her clothes were coming off. I told her to go to the bathroom but she said she wasn't shy and the next thing I saw was Saskia parading naked in my living room. Great body still. After her shower and her coming back into the living room naked I thought it would be best if I took one to. Just to buy some time.

When I came out I was glad she had put on her bra and panties again. We went to bed and I kissed her goodnight. She said thank you. Ten or fifteen minutes later I was still awake thinking over what she had told me that night and what I had seen when her hand came to rest on my chest. I thought nothing of it and fell asleep with her hand still there.

Not long after I woke again because her hand had shifted to a place more intimate. I told her not to but she said she wanted to thank me for the listening. I again told her not to. Her hand disappeared shortly after that.
When the alarm went that morning she leaped out of bed saying she would make breakfast for us. I went into the bathroom to shave and wash. When I came out of there just wearing briefs she had managed to make breakfast but also lose her clothing. She was fully naked again.

"You're sure you don't want me to thank you for last night?" she said looking straight at my lower regions.
"I'm sure. You can thank me some other day some other way."
Still focused on my hip-region she said: "I can see you're not 100% convinced."
"Well I am convinced it would be better for you to get dressed and get out of here. This isn't going to happen."

Fifteen minutes later we said our goodbye´s and now I'm thinking about Nathalie's reaction when I told her about the events of the night. "You're stupid and I love you for that."

Have a great week.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm not going to argue about Lance being the greatest cyclist ever. He is not. Merckx will never be trumped and both Hinault and Indurain have equally impressive (even more impressive according to some) résumés. But ever since he beat the then 3-times Tour and 2-times Giro winner Indurain during the 1993 World Championships in Oslo I've been following him. Sometimes admiring, sometimes cursing but always acknowledging his talent.

I recall him coming second twice in Liege-Bastogne-Liege, the grand old Lady of cycling.
I recall him coming second twice in the Amstel Gold Race, 1999 and 2001. Beaten both times by a Dutch rider and both times being utterly disappointed and frustrated yet understanding that cycling is a cruel sport.
I recall him coming second in the Clasica San Sebastian one year but winning it the next.
I recall his 7 consecutive victories in the Tour.
I also recall him changing cycling forever by targeting just one (albeit the biggest) race during the season. Leaving all other potential winners to follow suit and by that degrading other 'tours' to mere preparation.
But by the time he retired he was one of cycling greatest.

When he announced he was coming out of retirement I was sceptical. On one hand you have a great sport and on the other a great cause. But the sport is a professional sport and with Lance riding without pay but for giving his foundation even more attention I was not sure he wasn't making a mockery of the sport. I can now say he hasn't. He proved and still is in this year's Tour that he has enough talent left to compete, maybe not to win but to compete at least.

I'm still not sure whether or not he should have been making a comeback at all but that was for him to decide and for me to admire or curse about. Let's hope he won't get hurt (short and long term) doing so.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Hey Nath, I never asked you but do you mind me journalling about us, you etcetera?"
"This is going end up on-line also I guess, but no I don't really. As long as you keep me kinda private your journals just give me even more insight into your thought pattern. And you did cut back on the sex(y)-stories with me in it so that is less of a worry."
"Yeah, I do less of those these days, don't I? Perhaps I should tap that channel more often."

The other day I got an email in which I was credited with esoteric views on life. I spilled my coffee when I read that. Mostly because in my world esoteric translates to a more unattached from reality kind of lifestyle that includes palm readers and spiritual meetings. And I don't see myself like that.
So I asked Nath if esoteric had any other meanings in the english language. After al she got a degree for studying it so she should be able to come up with an answer. She told me it could mean mysterious or enigmatic, not the normal view and thus a little strange.

I think I like her translation better. So I'm sticking with her. ;-) but before she gets really comfortable and all, I will say we had great ... last night. And I will share details if she gets out of hand. LMAO


Saturday, July 11, 2009


First of all let me stress that there are bigger dilemma's in life then the one you are about to read but still it can be an awkward one. And yes I may be making this even bigger 

You've replied to a friend's email and expect it will result in a reply by her but with days passing your email box stays empty.

Do you:
1. Wait. Running the risk she missed or didn't receive your email. Maybe even leaving her asking herself why you didn't reply.
2. Re-send. This could be conceived as being pushy. After all she could have a good reason (busy/away/etc.) to not have replied yet. But re-sending also could underline you really care.

So facing this dilemma I decided to blog about it. Hoping she'll read this and, knowing her, will understand I'm writing about her so she can contact me.

(I've explained in an earlier entry I sometimes think differently. This can result in over-thinking as well btw)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scary I am

I think I scared my account manager at my bank. I called him and asked for an appointment. He said sure and asked for my details. Once I gave them to him and he pulled my file he went silent.
And then came up with: "Uhhh, is there anything wrong? Has something happened?"

I told him no and no and said I just wanted to make an appointment to go over my business with them. "Okay, we can make an appointment but you're sure there is nothing wrong?" Once again I said no and we now will meet tomorrow morning at 9AM.

I guess not being in face to face contact with them for 15 years and now all of a sudden wanting a meeting makes them wonder what I'm about to do. Closing my accounts wouldn't go down with them smoothly I guess but I'm not an airhead who thinks it would 'hurt' them. All I really want to do is go over my personal accounts and establish my possibilities as I'm looking for a house to buy. But why tell them right? That's no fun, hehe.

More on the house buying later I think. G'night.