Monday, August 10, 2009


I haven't written much about work lately. Not that I'm not doing any, au contraire. It is just that I find it hard to write about it. It usually isn't personal but at the same time it isn't about total strangers either.
But a story is developing that once finalized will be one to put up here. It is still in the balance whether or not it will be a good or sad one but it sure is interesting (for me) to be experiencing it.

Health: Good
Sleep: Always needed but never taken enough
Food: Satisfying level
Time: 24 hours in a day and nuttin I can do about it.
Mood: Cheery
Love: Yeah!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gay parade

Nath and I went to the Gay Parade in Amsterdam today because a colleague of mine had invited us. While she took part in the canal parade we enjoyed the festivities. Afterwards we went with a small group to a restaurant and of course the discussion was all about why and whether or not the parade should still take place every year. My point of view is simple. As long as people are offended by same sex couples the parade should take place because it puts across the message that gays, even though the parade is one big acting out party, are a normal group of people we share our living space with.
I know there will always be people that are offended or uncomfortable by it. And as much as I disagree with them they are free to do so.

I also have to follow up on my last entry because last night my phone rang and Saskia asked if it was okay to come by. I saw nothing wrong with that so I said she could come but also that she couldn't sleep at my place. I forgot to add why she couldn't but she'd find out soon enough.

Anyways when she came in and saw Nath there she was a little surprised. She had brought a bottle of wine to thank me for listening the other night and I quickly poured us all a glass. After some small talk Nath brought up Saskia's attempt to thank me last week. Sas was shocked to hear Nath knew about that and my last contribution to the discussion was: "Yeah, I don't see why I wouldn't."
After that I only could sit back and watch what happened before my eyes. Nath not jealous but certainly protective gave her a telling off that I didn't know was in that sweet woman. Sas, obviously uncomfortable by the situation, tried to argue her case but it was something like taking a rubber boat out to sea during a hurricane. I felt sorry for her.

"So, I don't think she will undress herself in your living room again." Nath said after Saskia had left rather quickly. "That's a shame but I think you're right." I replied with a smile.

You can say I love you a thousand times but such an action really brings it home.