Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cold (2)

I guess my "Monday I'll be fine" prediction can be thrown out of the window as I now have a fever to compliment the cold. My legs feel dead, but I don't know if that's related to the fever or my lower back problems. And I never knew but you can have pain at the roots of your hair. Trust me, you can.


Friday, September 25, 2009


Darn, the yearly cold is passing by right now. Yesterday my legs started aching, then my throat became painful and at the end of the day I was really tired and had a headache. By then I knew what was in store for today and no surprise I'm now contributing to the theme song Blowing in the wind.

I'm looking for someone to blame. Who had the virus?
Should I blame anyone? I suppose if Nathalie catches it she will look at me and not in her usual loving way ;-).
Can the virus travel via the internet? I recall Deb having a cold earlier. Nah, I don't think it was her.

I guess either way I would have caught the bug and now I wonder why we don't have meds for this? Living healthy or unhealthy hasn't made a difference for me so I want meds.
Seriously I need meds now! And come Monday I'll look back and think: Why the drama?

Idle hope? We'll see...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy going

Today during our lunch at the office someone, who is hired for one particular project, said I wasn't as demanding as people had told her. She found me rather easy going. Two of my partners stopped eating and my stand-in secretary could hardly contain herself from laughing.
Seeing the reactions she went on that even people from other firms had warned her that I was not the easiest person to please.

Everyone at the table was now watching me, trying to catch a reaction of some sort but I must say I found it very amusing. The silence, I saw, made her nervous but I couldn't let her dangle for too long. So I told her I was probably the easiest person to get along with as long as you see to my demands.
It is very easy: I tolerate mistakes but I hate stupid mistakes. I don't take work too seriously but doing the job I take very serious. Not often I say no but there is no but once I do. And last but not least. I have an open door policy but betray my confidence and you'll see how nasty I can be. And I added that those who did were probably those she spoke to in other firms.

Often I don't remember what was said during lunch, even five minutes after. But a conversation and situation like this one just needs to be remembered. It's fun.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slip of the tongue

Honestly I meant to ask How many but what came out was How much.....

I was just hanging with some friends in a bar when a group of five women came in. It soon was clear they were celebrating the divorce and 45th birthday of one of them. I have to say she looked great and I started thinking about the many hearts she had broken while staying with her (everyone knew very quickly) betraying husband.
Anyways our groups mingled and the queen of the party started to look for wedding rings or better the absence of them. First she targeted a friend of mine but he quickly got rid of her when she asked Wanna F@#k?. Now, Oh joy, I got her attention but still with my original train of thought and that combined with her question for my friend I didn't ask How many but How much.
I barely escaped her attempt to slap me.

I don't need to explain why the groups quickly separated I guess but I'm glad Nathalie appeared shortly after to pick me up.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


1. My English is deteriorating with the lack of communication in English these days. Perhaps I should grab myself some English books again to keep trained.

2. I don't post in here for the reactions but none is not satisfactory either.

3. Haven't seen or talked to Holly online for weeks and Denise for more months then I want to count.

4. Had a fly on speed in my living room earlier. His wicked flight pattern ended when he landed on a lamp. He ended too.

5. I'm not good in keeping in touch with friends. Some say I need my gf to have a social life. It is not that I'm not interested in their lives. I wait for them to share instead of asking about it.

6. Poker is essentially boring but gives you room to answer e-mail during a game.

7. The Cubs for 2010.

8. My search for a new home takes longer then I anticipated. I guess I'm more critical/choosy then I thought I was.

9. General internet communities are hypes and way overrated. Niche communities however seem to have staying power and depth in conversation.

10. I need to use more 'Houssie-isms'

Houssie-ism for the day: Walking upright makes falling down a lasting experience.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scary ?

Nath woke me around 3 o'clock with stomach pains. At first I asked if I should rub it but it soon became apparent that she was in real agony and really stressed about it. She said it was the same pain she experienced 10 months ago and was afraid the same thing was going to happen.

This was the first time I saw a real sign of how much an impact this whole saga has had on her. I know we don't look our best at 3 AM but she seemed to have aged quite a few years overnight.

She wanted to rush to the hospital but I could prevent her from doing that. Last time around the pain she had wasn't caused by the cancer but led to the tests that showed she had it. I also pointed out, looking back I realize how harsh this may sound, that a maybe bad case of gastritis was no reason to let several people lose their deserved night rest over. The doctors and nurses would be there in the morning. I would happily stay awake and at her side but running off to the hospital just sounded a bit too much to me.

Around 6 AM the pain and stress levels lessened and she fell asleep. I dozed off around 9 for a few hours and when I woke she was up and running again. I asked if she had made an appointment yet but she was back to her confident self again telling me there was no need for that right now and that she would make one after the weekend. She even looked a few years younger again. ;-)

I often wonder what is expected in a relationship. Do you hit the brakes when your partner goes off? Do you reason when she feels badly done by? I guess this is the million dollar question and even though I know that all I can do is be what I am at such a moment, it leaves me uncertain somewhat.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too late

In my line of work we, more often then not, are called upon after the the crucial window of opportunity. Having a shield at the door that says Business Consultants somehow reads "The Great Houdini Business Corporation". Expectations are often too high and I've been known to decline assignments. Of course a problem is merely a point of view and solving problems is a creative challenge I long for so I've taken the one lost cause every now and then.

Eight months or so ago we got a knock at our office door and there was my lost cause for this year. It came in the shape of a 5'4" balding guy who instantly had my sympathy. He came bearing all the signs that should warn me but still I felt the need to reach out and try to help him. The typical great idea, bad businessman kind of problem.

This Monday we locked the doors to his offices solely because I've failed to get through to him that without a partner that knows how to run a business he had no chance. Those that look down know I tried and tried but every time I ran into the wall that says: It is my idea. I don't want others to get rich whilst I pay off my debts. I have to be in control.
Well in the end no one is getting rich, fifteen employees are out of a job and he is stuck with a huge debt for the rest of his life. And no doubt he is blaming me for not solving his problem.

I can not make miracles happen I'm sorry. I can however in a somewhat unorthodox style reform businesses. That I have proven. Only thing they have to do is what's given as advice take as an order. ;-)