Saturday, January 30, 2010

New pictures

I'm back online so new pictures of the move here

There is still a lot to be done. Still waiting for the new couches to arrive. This could be another five weeks. Did order the curtains though but they need to do the measurements first so that will be another three weeks I guess. And with that I need to wait with buying new lights, lamps etc etc.

So the last picture in the set is how it will be for now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Preparing for the last night

***I'm working from my lap-top as everything else is pretty much in boxes.***

I got a call from the painter today that he had finished his work. I went to have a look after I finished work and although I need to see it with daylight it looked very good. Pictures will be up as soon as I have established my new internet connection.

So my to-do list for the old place tomorrow reads as follows:

  • First I have to destroy my old bed ;-) When the alarm goes off tomorrow I will tear into it.
  • Next up is defrosting the refrigerator so it can be moved and destroyed
  • Then the blinds will come down
  • and last task in the old house will be disassembling the salon table. It has to go with me because I don't have a new one yet.
  • Then I grab this lap top and some other stuff I need immediately at the new place and I'm off, yeaahhhhh.

Then the new place:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Put together my new bed
  • Put up some blinds
  • One way or another make some light
  • Unpack the dinner table
  • Unpack the chairs for it
  • Unpack the fauteuil
  • Install the internet (let's hope there is a signal)
  • Install the new TV
  • Unpack some small tables
  • Do whatever I'm able to do before heading to mom for dinner.

Don't have the new couches yet. Should be wednesday next week or so before they arrive.

Then first thing Thursday is meeting the movers at my old place. I hope it will be done before mid-day so I can start unpacking the boxes and stuff.

And Friday I should be back to work in the morning and shopping for curtains for both the living en bedroom in thew afternoon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Busy day (waiting)

Today was delivery day. The planning was as follows:
9.00AM Carpet for the bedroom,
1.00-3.00PM Delivery of Washer/Dryer/TV etc etc.
2.30- 6.00PM Delivery of couch/dinner table/bed
4.30PM Painter to determine the work and costs (see previous entry)
Nice schedule I'd say.

This is how it went:
11.00AM Carpet
4.30PM Painter
4.45PM Couch/Dinner Table/Bed
6.00PM Washer/Dryer/TV

So I was busy waiting for the most part and then was busy like a cat chasing its tail. Worst part is that my coffee machine still has to be delivered and I had to survive on tea. Yes, survive.

1. The carpet went in smoothly.
2. The painter was the only one on time so when he told me he could have it done by Tuesday I figured he could. I secretly jumped in the air from joy. Could it be I will be able to sleep in my new home this time next week?
3. The big ass couch wouldn't fit in the elevator. So instead of hiring a outside lift dingy I've decided to return the big one order a little smaller one. I'm sure that one fits cause one did already get in. Have to make a new appointment though. Everything else got in easily.
4. The washer/dryer guys called during the afternoon because their van had broken down. They had quickly hired a truck but obviously this had taken some time. Once they were there it went quick. But one part that had to be installed on the washer, so the dryer can stand on top of it, wasn't installed. So now I have to make another appointment to get that fixed. (I'm sure I wrote at least one time about the fact I break things not build, LOL)

I hear you think: All those presents to unwrap...... But I can not start that because the walls need to be painted still. So I'm a bit like a kid staring at all those x-mas presents under the tree FOR A WEEK! ;-) I'm not impatient.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've a bad left shoulder ever since I drove it straight into the ground when I got tackled playing football (European style) some 25 years ago. Lifting boxes I can do but reaching above my head is a little tricky. Fifteen seconds working above shoulder level and my arm starts to get numb. Yeah, I don't lift babies because they could be harmed. ;-)

For the move I have already called in professional movers. I know my shoulder would go should I do it myself. However I assumed I would be able to do the paint work in the new apartment and had scheduled three days, with a possible fourth, to do it but after being able to manage yesterday, today the pain just got too heavy and I had to stop.

With most of the new furniture arriving this Tuesday I had hoped to get the painting stuff out of the way before that. But with the final move scheduled for Thursday week I now am trying to find someone who can do the painting for me before that is going to take place.
I've arranged a painter to come have a look on Monday and I hope to be able to announce a deal here that evening and have this thing out of my mind. I know the time table is kind of tight but I sure as hell hope we can do it in the week leading up to my final move.

more later...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here we go: Set nr. 1

Pictures of an empty house for your pleasure

I'm guessing a week before I put up some progress pics. Those may surprise you

Sunday, January 10, 2010


How often do you have a deja-vu? You can say that with age you get more but then again you forget probably even more so maybe not.

Yesterday Nath asked me to come with her to a store and help her carry some items she bought. No biggie. Just an In-Out trip. No shopping involved.

Wrong. Even though she had been there Friday buying the stuff we were going to pick up she managed to 'find' new items and those led to a search for more. You'd think after more then a decade she'd know my feelings about shopping. I don't mind going into them and buying what I need but after that I need to run. Run very hard. Run as quick I can away from them.

"Why do you hate to spend time in a store?" she asked.
"Because, like with advertising, they try to trick you into buying more. A well organized shop is set up in a way you end up buying more then you went in for. And even knowing that such is the case you end up in their nets. So I made it my personal mission to only go into stores when I need something and leave with only that in my hands. You knew I was a little off, right?"
"Will I ever understand you fully?"
"Nah, but as long as you love me and tolerate my 'off-bits' like I do you and yours I can think we can make this work."
"I have off-bits?"
"The day I fully understand women I have become one."
She looked at me and then she looked at the lady at the register.
"Do you want him?"
I started running.....

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Going through some old pictures Hanneke mentioned the other week that she couldn't find herself in any of them. "Yeah, that's right. I threw those away years ago." I told her.
I saw the question forming itself in her brain but even though she is quite capable of making sentences from just a few words no sound crossed her lips.

Nathalie jumped in and did the asking. "Why? Where you that angry that she left?" "No, I wasn't angry. I could fully understand why she went away. I'd done the same probably." "So, did you shredder them?" No, I didn't. I just threw them in the bin." "But why?"

Long pause

"Have you ever had anything in your possession that triggered your memory in such a way that you couldn't function in normal life? So much so that you felt physically ill looking at it. Sick from the desire back to it, the anger about the circumstances but foremost the love you feel but can not express? Well that's what those pictures were to me and in order to be able to work again and rediscover myself I had to get rid of them. It took me two months before I did but emptying that bin and then seeing the truck drive away took such a load of my shoulders.
You and me wouldn't have existed without that. This, the three of us together, would never have happened without that. I can not imagine what would have happened without that."

I don't think I ever have made women cry other then from laughter.........