Monday, February 22, 2010

Customer service

They call it customer service but as far as I'm concerned they could have easily called it canned beans. Doesn't make sense as well. I've dealt with customer services from both sides but why is it so difficult to find qualified personnel? Managers told me those were too expensive to answer calls yet a qualified person could handle twice as much calls and leave customers satisfied. With the extra charge operators charge customers for calling service lines and the kick back companies get from that I would at least expect it could run without costs.

I've been told otherwise but I just don't agree. No one was willing to accept the challenge to prove me wrong and I think therein lies the biggest problem. Talk is cheap but asking a manager or director to manage or direct, let alone develop or invent, needs for them to act and when you act you run the risk of falling on your face. That's what they are paid for. Take risks but control those. But more and more I feel that faces are more important then actions.

The number of times I suggested to cut out middle management because they just do not contribute to a company are countless. In my opinion 75% of middle management are social workers. They only exist to guard the top dogs for unwanted attention from the work force and to relay the not so fun messages in the other direction. The top dogs get paid for this btw. But they have a budget and know how to defend that. The opposition I have encountered over the years when I attack those costs ....physical threats, verbal threats... I could write a book.

Anyways if anyone wants to take on the experiment with CS contact me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday the 19th

After a day waiting, for what we all expected to happen, it happened. Once again the Dutch government didn't reach the end of its term. The final obstacle, that left the parties forming the Cabinet unable to continue, was Afghanistan. But I and most of my friends are in agreement that this was just the last drop to leave the bucket full (Don't know if this is translates to English but you need to think like 'The final straw').

I really disliked our Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende. I use dislike because I think you can not hate someone you don't really know. Three times he has formed a Cabinet and every time he has excelled in NOT showing leadership. I can not remember him ever answering a question with yes or no. I really hope that he won't run again because the man is hurting The Netherlands in my opinion. And no, they aren't all as bad. I will go as far as calling him 'Our Bush'. Something I don't do lightly.

Anyways we most likely will have new general elections in about three months and I'm scared.
Current polls show that one man, a populist, is getting a lot of the votes. The man, Geert Wilders, borders on being racist and although I can understand why people would vote for him I am worried for what happens when. I don't want to think of that just yet.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something else

It is time to write about something else besides moving and work. What can be so important? Well, attention whores. We all are in a way but as with everything you have different levels. My beef is with those that are at the top. The Parisses, Heidi's and Tila's of this world.
What do you do when people get bored with you? What when publishers, both old school magazines and online, pick up on this and stop giving the attention? Yep, you give it one last effort. An effort that leaves  rational people shaking their head and publishers notice you once again. And what or who do you blame for this last 'effort'?
Yes the pressure of being in everyones attention all the time. I'm sure they won't even recognize the irony but can we, the rational people, please start giving attention to people that really deserve it through their achievements or deeds rather then putting non-achievers on a pedestal? Surely this will stop sometime, right? There is still hope, right?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things happen

"Oh, you're stressed because you're in the middle of moving."
"Ummm, you may think that but I'm just very upset by what you did."
"Yeah, but your reaction is over the top because you're stressed."
"My reaction is over the top? You just lost us $ 75.000 and my reaction is over the top?"
"Yep, but don't blame yourself. I know it is because you're stressed."
"Well let me show you how stressed I am. You're fired!"
"Oh come on, Surely you will think it through another time and see you're wrong."
"Oh boy, You don't know me very well, do you? When I'm stressed I either get very quiet or very loud. As I'm neither at the moment you should pick up on the fact I'm dead serious. Please leave the office right, NOW!"
"See, now you're shouting and you're stressed."
"Shut up and get the f%$#@ out of here. Let it sip into that pocket-size brain of yours that you no longer work here. It is over. Finito. Goodbye."

Finally he left.

Moments later my colleague enters my room. "Did you fire him?" "Yes I did." "Okay I'll get him out of the office."

Now that's someone who knows me.