Friday, April 30, 2010


The phone rang so I answered it.

"My mom said I should call my uncle."
"Did she say why?"
"hmm okay...what happened just before she said it?"
"Nothing really. we had an argument about school."
"Yes, and what about?"
"That I didn't need to study or make homework like she had to do. That I was more like you."
You think I didn't study?"
"Yes and you never did your homework. And now you run a business and have lots of money."
"I have to correct you. I don't have lots of money. I have money. Do you know who has lots of money?"
"Your mum does and you know why? Because she did her homework and put in the hours of study."

"So my mum is better then you?"
"It is hard for me to admit to that but yes, when it comes to making the most of ones abilities she is better then I am. And you need to study and go to school and pay attention before you understand what abilities you have. You go to school to find out about your abilities and along the way you learn what those are. I only understood that once I left school. You don't think I ran a business when I left school, do you?"
"No, Yes, What did you do when you left school?"
"I had to work for a boss. Many hours a week. Only then I started to pay attention and luckily I was able to start my own business but only after years of working long days and many hours. Had I followed the classes in school the way I was supposed to I probably wouldn't have had so much difficulty finding my ability. Take it from me: When you want to become someone like me: Do the work now. It is much easier to do when you are young. Every year you throw away in your teens you will have to do double in your twenties. And believe me: You will want to spend that time differently."

Hours later I had my sister on the phone. "I don't know what you told him but he headed straight for the books. I can't believe I've seen the day you became an advocate for schools. You must have scared the living daylights out of him."
"Shhh. Don't tell anyone. Just be glad he is studying."
"Okay. Love ya, bye"
"Love ya too, ciao"

I think when kids look up to you, especially when they are not your own, you need to jerk yourself from their pedestal every now and then. They never get to see the hard work you do but only see you in a relaxed mode when it is time for some banter and fun.
Next time we'll meet I probably will tell my nephew that I'm smarter then his mum but am scared to use it to its full potential. Just to keep him on his toes and me partly on my pedestal. ;-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something is going wrong

All my life my dad has defended the USA. Sometimes it bordered on being ridiculous but he stood his ground. They liberated us and thus they had to be given the support they deserved.
Even I, fond and not overly critical of the USA, have shaken my head in disbelief sometimes when we discussed something that had happened.

But today, in his 77th year on this planet, he shocked me. Not only did he criticize the Pope and the entire catholic church (A huge step I can tell you) he also spoke badly about the US of A.
In his words: They lost it and they lost their moral high ground. Even if their high ground was only imaginary they've now become nothing more then just a large country with enormous fire power.

For a man his age to step away from something he had great belief in there must be something going wrong.
FYI: We were discussing a.o. the 'praying' issue.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I don't expect to make mistakes myself. I do of course. And once I'm made aware I don't make a big deal about it. I'm sorry but I made the mistake. Deal with it. I will.

I do expect others to make mistakes. They do of course. And when I'm aware of it I correct them and friendly point it out to them. But why oh why do they feel the need to make me angry? I can handle excuses like not having been informed but I can't take the "I didn't do that" or "I wasn't here that day."

People, making the mistake is bad. Not owning up to them is even worse.

Oh and Nath, you were absolutely right. I totally forgot what I had to do. No excuse just a fact.
I don't even have an excuse for forgetting it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sure, you may undress

It started on wednesday. I was riding my bike home from visiting my mom with a head wind and a slight rain. You can't say I was happy about that but that suddenly I saw a window light come on in the corner of my eye. Human reflex is to look and I'm human most of the time. I saw a topless (perhaps fully naked but that wasn't visible) woman appear and despite the wind and rain I couldn't help but smile and enjoy the rest of my ride home.

Of course I wondered why someone, living at a busy road, would do that and to make sure it wasn't a female thing I asked Nathalie. She assured me it must have been a one off.

Fast forward to last night. After visiting my niece for her birthday I was going to hook up with Nath at a bar in Utrecht and we would go to her place. "Do you want to take the direct or the scenic route?" I asked when she hopped on the back of the bike. "Okay, Mr. Lucky, show me the boobies." And with a "Boobies coming up" I started peddling. Five or so minutes into the ride I joyously yelled "Eyes left!" And again, in a different street in a different city, a topless woman was standing there for everyone to be seen.

These were the questions that followed and were left unanswered:
1. How do you do that?
2. Why didn't you stop?"
3. Did you arrange for this?"
4. You know her, right?"

All I know is that I'll keep my eyes open next time I ride my bike. :-)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alone isn't lonely

Three times it started with the question: "Are you and Nath doing something during Easter?"
Three times I answered truthfully that she wouldn't be around and I would be spending it alone. I didn't even make a sad face. Got invited three times for dinner.
Two times they just asked if we would like to come around for Easter and once they sorta invited themselves to come visit me. As soon as I said no I got invited to theirs.

I've had a busy few months with work and moving and the coming weeks aren't a stroll in the park either so I looked forward to this weekend on my own. I knew for some time that Nath would be away. I'm good in being alone.
And although I appreciate the invites: When I decline because I want to be alone  don't start to project your own fears of being alone onto me. I can't help you feel lonely when alone. I'm not.