Sunday, June 13, 2010

The big one

Sure there is the Superbowl or the World Series. We even have the Olympics but on a global scale there really is only one: The World Cup. You can question it being held in South-Africa, a country not able to provide for its own citizens but somehow able to build a few $ 400 million stadiums. The decision to stage it there is purely political but instead of focusing on that let's hope that this tournament will bring the change the country needs instead of the debts it doesn't need.

Hope is what many brings to the country. Hope of causing an upset (North Korea?). Hope of reaching the second round (Slovenia?). Hope of doing well by reaching the quarter-finals (USA?). Hope of reaching the semis (Italy?) or even hope of walking away with the title (Too many).

In 4 weeks time we will know whose hope was based on realism and whose wasn't. During this time emotions will run high. Countries will come to a stand still for the duration of a game. Decisions will be made. Both correct and blatantly incorrect. But let's all remember that whilst this is the greatest show on earth, in the end it is nothing more then entertainment.

Quote (freely taken from Rik de Saedeleer, a Belgian sports journalist) "32 teams are competing, 31 turn up to do as good as possible, 1 to show how good they are. The Dutch."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I had fun

Her eyes went back and forth between me and her mom. You could see the sentence she was about to say develop ever so clearly. "Mom, he is insane!" Her mom calmly said: "Nah honey, he is just my brother."

Why my 12-year-old niece came to that sentence? Well, I was having a little fun with her. She told me she couldn't play a game on her playstation because it would ask for an update which then wouldn't allow her to play the illegally downloaded games on it any longer. Of course she had no idea that I make a lot of my money in the copyright and license business so I started to tell her a story....

"... I'm so happy I made the deal with your mom that in case we would run into poverty and needed help she would get her first born and her second would be for me, that's you by the way." She looked at me horrified. "I can see myself in the gutter, my hand reaching out begging for a gift from you. But you don't recognize me with the beard and sleazy hair. My clothes, well rags rather, smell so bad that instead of just walking by you actually take a wider path. I can see that you ask yourself how this man could have sunk this low so i mumble with an alcoholic voice the answer to your unspoken question. You copied games illegally and this is what you did to me." She looked a little scared now. "But you can't understand my drunken mumblings and look away in disgust. Luckily the next person passing me by hands me a quarter and having seen you just now reminds me of the deal I once made with your mom. So I call her to claim you....."

"But my mom copied the games so you should blame her."

"That's why she never answered my call." I said with a big grin on my face.