Saturday, August 28, 2010

What did I do wrong?

"Hun, have I ever told you the name of my first girlfriend?"
"Yeah, you did. Why?"
"I'm writing a story and I can't recall her name."
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah, I need her name. I will eventually remember but I need it now."
"What are you writing?"
"About how a passing woman's smell reminded me of her and how smells in general can trigger memories."
"So you remember her smell but not her name?"
"Yeah, today it was in that order. So how about that name?"
<insert big sigh>

I can't figure out what I did wrong. We both know I would eventually have come up with the name but somehow it wouldn't pop up in my head today so I asked the person who could know the name to share the information with me. Seems normal to me.

Don't hesitate to point out my wrong.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring me flowers

I moved a few months ago and made sure I had no plants in my home. Even the "Oh, you should have some plants there" balcony remained free of these little buggers. But when you invite people to visit you, instead of asking you, they start thinking for themselves.
Hmm, what would be a nice house warming gift? A plant. He just moved and has more space now so that should be OK.

WRONG, I have this flaw where I expect plants to be mainly self providing with the occasional help from me. (That's when I remember they need water)

But after the visits I was the proud owner of two plants. Having only drinking glasses I could use to water them I went out and bought a watering can. Plant #1 went quite early but plant #2 was a tough one. Until today. Today at 6PM I called it time. Now I'm just the proud owner of a watering can.

Please, whenever you decide to bring me a gift for my house bring me flowers.
Flowers aren't meant to be around for more then two, three weeks tops.
Flowers like me and foremost I like them.
Flowers, I can take care of.
Flowers, you don´t expect to see at your next visit.
Flowers, don´t bring you grief.
Flowers, in the end, make both of us happy.
or bring wine and we go for instant happiness

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to writing

Last week I remembered how much fun I have when writing. The previous entry RIP for instance I wrote with a continuous smile on my face. There was much more in my mind about the topic then in the end made the entry and when I spoke with Nath about it she remembered the times when I wrote the column in the school newspaper. "You're not a writer in a literary way but you have the ability to make people smile because you create some sort of new dimension to a popular view. You surprise people."

Okay, I agree on her judgment of me as a writer and I know I had people smile reading my thoughts. But the new dimension stuff I find a little too much. Anyways I decided to see if a friend of mine would take me on for a column or two in his magazine. No pay, just space. He was a little hesitant but when I told him I would just supply and let him be the judge he took me on. For now I'm only sure it will be online and based on reactions it might make the printed version one day. I've no deadlines just a feel free to contribute agreement. I hope to come up with one or two a month.

Some will make it to these pages but most won't. Too much is often lost in translation and asking Nath to use her qualities to translate them I just won't do. Perhaps she'll read one and offers to do it but that's entirely up to her. *hint*

I'm very pleased I'm back to writing.

Friday, August 13, 2010


A year from now there will be no gathering to celebrate your life. Really, I doubt anyone will even remember you and frankly, you brought this upon yourself with your in your face attitude.
I can’t remember the day we first met but I do know I disliked you immediately . Having never met you before you apparently found it normal to enter a room and sit on my knee.

Had you taken some time to get to know me you would have known I first like to get acquainted. Ever since that moment I tried to make it clear I wanted nothing from you. The fact you didn't pick up on it, I now know, is because you were what you were. I gave you routes to escape. I tried to guide you towards the open door but you were stubborn and this eventually became your downfall.

One moment of letting your guard down and now you are lying on your back. Life has escaped you and those hating you wait for the next to come along. It will only be a matter of time. We know that.
It is as if there is some sort of training camp somewhere. Perhaps you were the top of your class. Maybe you even made it to the honors list but you, had you been able to understand, would agree that there is a flaw in what they taught you. It will lead to death and by default none of you make it back to the training camp to tell about it.

Btw I never got your name. RIP Fly.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No? It is all in the delivery.

"Listen H., this man doesn't take no for an answer,"

Whenever we decide to not take on a project I feel as leader of the gang I should deliver the decision myself even when it isn't one of my personal clients. Yesterday was one of those days and on the way to the meeting my colleague kept going on and on about this demanding CEO (The Man from here on in) we were going to meet who didn't accept no from anyone. My colleague got even more nervous when she asked what I had prepared to say and I told her I had nothing.

The meeting took place in the typical boardroom. A room to impress. We were sitting at one side of the way too large table with his aides opposite. The Man himself was of course at the head of the table. Oh yeah, I felt the power, LOL. After the pleasantries the meeting started. The Man wanted control and started to talk but I interrupted him, much to the dislike of my colleague and The Man, but I didn't want to waste time. 'We can not take on this project.' The Man answered me with a stare which I answered with a smile. The silence seemed to go on and on but I just kept smiling. I started to notice some uneasiness from his aides though. Clearly this was new to them. The The Man spoke: 'What can you do?' I pointed to my colleague and she took over from there.

Two hours later the meeting ended without me saying another word. On the way out I broke my silence and told The Man I wouldn't bill him for my one minute performance and would have left sooner had I been able to. I couldn't as my colleague was my ride. Clearly the chauffeur type the look on his face was priceless.