Sunday, November 14, 2010


When people are asked to describe me most will put 'Laid back' in there somewhere but as I am as human as most of us I do have things that can tick me off. One very far up on the list is people claiming to be better then others because a family member achieved something and in the same category go people pretending to be better because of heritage.

I once had someone claiming my theatre seat because his grandfather had fought in the Great War and was honoured with some sort of medal. My reply: "Well we, the people, have shown him our appreciation with that medal so what have you done to deserve my seat?" didn't go down very well.

Today whilst waiting at the lost and found desk to report one of Hanneke's suitcases missing someone barged into me trying to cut in front of us. Normally I am very lenient towards people who want to cut into a line in front of me. They have to ask of course but I try never to make much of a hassle of it. I hardly ever am in a hurry so why bother with that.
Today was different though. This guy never asked and when I blocked him he threw a tantrum. If I didn't know who he was and what he could do to me. Hanneke let a 'uh-oh' escape when he said that and sadly he took that as an encouragement rather then the warning it had been. "Yes, listen to your little lady. Be afraid of what I can do to you." Once again Hanneke said: "Uh-Oh."

"So who are you and what can you do to me?" I asked, slightly amused.
"I am baron what's his name and I can make sure you never find a job in this country ever again. I'm very well connected I tell you. My family is connected to the Royal family."
Still amused: "So you aren't really royalty then. But you are responsible for us being all civilized and such."
"Yes, I'm glad you understand. Now step aside." He took a step forward.
"I'm sorry but I can't. Being civil and all, myself, I have to stay nicely in this line and I can only let people who ask friendly if they may cut in line in front of me pass. You stepped right into that one, didn't you?"
His face turned reddish so I guess he was becoming angry. "You never work in this country again."
"Don't tell me you are going to do the work for me. I find that hard to believe somehow. Now let's drop this and you just stay nicely behind me."
"You should have listened to your little lady I tell you."

At this point Hanneke turned around and with a deadly calm voice said: "I tried to warn you, not him. Do you know who I am? No? Think harder." At which point she turned back and she left the guy in total shock.

I had never seen her this way. And I liked what I saw.

Friday, November 12, 2010


It must have been six months or so ago. She had just found her spot when she saw him taking his spot next to hers. They were neighbours! On first sight they were so alike, practically made for each other but although they brushed shoulders on several occasions the distance between them never seemed to close.

And now on this late windy November day he clearly was going to move. Had she missed the opportunity or would she see him on another day? "Where are you going?" she asked. "Down." The deep voice with which he spoke that one word made her shiver. Or was it the gusty wind that seemed to be getting heavier?

Suddenly the wind made her loose her balance. Her fall was soft as she landed right on top of him but there was no attempt by him to catch her. What was wrong?  Too late she saw the branch they both had shared a spot on coming down also. It landed right on top of them.

Without being together for more then a second they were separated for eternity.

**Don't tell me you never thought about the romance between leaves**

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why don't women stay angry with me?

Because Hanneke is visiting next week I was talking to her on the phone just yet and something interesting came up. When I told her Nathalie might get angry that she had not known upfront she was coming, Hanneke asked me if I remembered the last time a woman stayed angry with me for a longer time.

I never actually had thought about this but I can't remember. Ex-girlfriends are the obvious to think about but with all but one I have good contact still. Even with women I've fired, and came across later in life, I have a reasonable relationship. Why is this? Being likable or cute is too easy an explanation. Those go out of the window as soon as you really hurt someone. So what's wrong with me. I know I've hurt women I've a reasonable to good relationship with...

Or is it them?