Friday, February 25, 2011


As it turns out my reasoning as described in my previous entry was spot on. Nathalie admitted she wouldn't have liked me being asleep while she was going away and after some pressure from me for an answer she agreed she probably would have asked me to make myself useful had I been awake.

She couldn't explain however why she worded it the way she did. All we could come up with is that somehow by asking me to get up she, subconsciously, thought she'd owe me. But we're well past that stage in our relationship where you 'balance' favours against each other so even subconsciously it shouldn't be a factor. In the end we agreed that next time she would just say/ask what she wanted. Just to make my life a little easier.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When she says that she has to get up around 6:30AM to catch her plane and tells you to not get up what do you do?

A. Listen to her and get yourself some earplugs so she or the alarm won't wake you?,
B. Make sure you wake so you can watch her get dressed and know what you'll be missing out on for the coming week? or
C. Set your alarm for 6:00AM and make her breakfast so that she knows why she will come back?

My decision?
Well I do like to follow her advice so I was tempted to choose A but I know that it wouldn't have gone down well. Even with her telling me not to get up I know that part is more or less 'make-up' for the real message.
So I came to B as my preferred choice but should I just lay there and watch her, I know "as long as you're awake and doing nothing you could make me some breakfast" was a sentence highly likely to be targeted at me.
Thus C became my only option, which is strange as she clearly told me not to get up. It would also give me the "You shouldn't have done that." at some point. (It did, btw)

I know when I tell someone not to get up I want him or her to actually not get up. And so I ask you: Why didn't she just tell me she had an early flight and would have liked me to get up also to make breakfast? Why make it this complicated? Is this a female thing? 

I guess I hear the answers in a week's time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shut up ;)

Luckily Nath and I disagree on quite a few things but we do agree on some stuff also. The most holy is probably this: When one is making dinner the other one only comes in the kitchen when asked to help. So last night when we were disagreeing on something she said that I should shut up. I asked if I could point out something unrelated but her "What part of shut up don't you understand?" more or less answered that question. I quickly grabbed some bread sticks and ran off hearing "Sheesh, we're going to eat in a minute!" follow me. I whispered: "I doubt that."

Fifteen minutes later Nath noticed she forgot to turn on the oven.