Friday, March 25, 2011

Great week

I'm putting the finishing touches on what has been a great week. Monday and Tuesday I was able to put the finish on two projects that have been running for 3-4 months and late on Tuesday I was asked to read a format for a TV-series or documentaries about sporting kids that never managed to fulfil their promise.
A kind of what ever happened to.... for the never became.
A few potential names were dropped and now we are trying to see if anyone is willing to speak about it. It will be easy to get someone from 'das Umfelt' in front of the camera but I'm trying to find out if anyone from the Nike's and Adidasses of this world is willing to speak about 'failure'. Some of these kids were awarded multi-million sponsorship deals and I want to know their take on it.
Even without, it sounds like a series I'd watch and would happily sign onto to try to make. But without, it will be harder to find financing for it.

Then yesterday I was joined in the elevator of our apartment complex by one of my neighbours and my "How are you doing?" became a lengthy discussion about financing. He had been turned down for the third time by a bank for a loan and his outlook on life had become rather depressing. In the end I asked for the proposal he'd given the banks and promised him I would read it and perhaps make a few calls.
This morning, after two hours of phone calls, I was happy to tell him that if he was fully committed and willing to part from 35% of the revenues I had found him his money.
This afternoon he accepted.

And finally this evening. Nath and I took a city bus to go out for dinner. (She wanted to have a few drinks so driving was not an option) We were both in a good mood and during the ride were asking each other silly questions like best sport? worst colour? best light? and so on.
We noticed the elderly lady in front of us was listening in and Nath decided to have some fun at her expense. When I asked about her worst experience she answered: "Having sex with two men." You could see the woman react slightly. Then Nath asked about my worst experience. "Putting the cat down because I wanted to go on vacation." I answered. The woman started to make movements. "So what is your best experience?" I asked. "Having sex with two women." She said without thinking. "Oh no, wait, the best was selling the kids so we could have our freedom back."
At this point the woman turned and told us we should be ashamed of ourselves. I was trying hard to not burst into laughing but Nath had everything under control somehow. With an icy cold tone of voice she said the classic words: "Huh, what's wrong about sex with two women?"

At this point I couldn't hold it in any longer and almost fell out of the seat laughing. Luckily our stop was up next and we could run. I wonder what the woman has been thinking about all evening. The sex or us?

Have a good one all.