Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fashion clothes

Coping with the hottest Easter weekend for 110 years and at the same time enjoying a drink with some friends outside a bar once more the topic of my fashion sense came up. A few weeks ago it had been the start of a lively discussion with one of Nath's friends and today she came back for more.
I don't mind. I think of it as an attempt to understand me and even though most attempts to do so have failed because it requires them to leave their comfort zone I will answer the questions.

First of all let me explain how I see things. You have clothes and you have fashion.
Clothes we have agreed on to wear in public places and shed in designated areas.
Fashion however is entertainment, perhaps even art. And as with all entertainment and art some will like it and some won't. Some will know it is around and some will live it.
I'm assuming you know that I don't live fashion BUT I do like it.

The 'problem' with me is that I wear jeans with a white t-shirt underneath a buttoned shirt. Every day, whatever the function, for the past 25 years now. At the moment I have 14 pairs of jeans, 2 of which are black, the rest blue.
So far this has been just clothes talk. But the 'problem' or fashion part is where the questions start. The jeans are all the same manufacturer, size and shape.

Question1: Why? Easy, because they fit and feel comfortable.
Q2: But why not a different shape? Easy, because these fit and feel comfortable.
Q3: Don't you want something different sometimes? Why would I? These fit and feel comfortable.
Q4: Do you have any fashion sense? Probably more then you assume but I don't do fashion. I wear clothes.
Q5: But don't you want to look nice? Assuming that you are not trying to offend me I'd say: "For whom?"
Q6: For the people around you. For those who see you. Don't you want to look nice for them? I'm wearing clothes so I don't offend them. I think I do my part there. But let me ask you a question.

Counter Question1: What is wrong with my clothes? Nothing. But except for the shirt they are always the same .
CQ2: And why is that a problem? It isn't. It.... it is just the same.

I could say that I'm making a statement with the way I dress. That I don't care about the outside and only judge people on what they do and what they say.
But I'm not trying to make a statement. I only want to wear clothes that don't bother me. Clothes that don't make me spend energy on thinking what to wear. Clothes that are perfectly fine and neutral. Clothes that fit and feel comfortable......And I do wear pink shirts. ;-)

Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel as if everything goes the way I want it to go.
That's a nice feeling but the reality is, of course, that not all does go the way I want.
I've made a habit of ignoring the things out of reach for me to change.
And then suddenly you get that opportunity to finally change something you've ignored for too long and your world becomes an even better place because ignoring doesn't mean it doesn't irritate you at some level.

For some time one of our employees has hinted at quitting as some kind of leverage to have the things she wanted done get done. So today when we during a policy meeting discussed and agreed on changes to certain aspects of our bonus structure she, once again, played that card.
"If this really is how we go on from here, I quit." she said. "Accepted." I replied and looked at one of my partners. "Yes, accepted." she said which meant we didn't need our third partner to agree.
Seven people in a room and seemingly not one was breathing. Absolute silence.
"But I...." She started saying. "Don't make it worse, you tried it one time too many, just go." our third partner, who had come to her defence more then once, chipped in.

And she went, adding one more thing to my ever growing list of things that go the way I want them to go.