Sunday, May 22, 2011

harmless hopelessness

A priest, a rabbi and....

Usually this is the start to some sort of joke but today I actually found myself in a discussion with a priest and a rabbi. Okay, I can see the humour of it but attending a charity function I never would have foreseen that I ended up in one.

Our company has a few charities it supports. Some just financial, others a bit more. Today one of the a bit more charities was organizing a fund raiser and because I had to skip the last two functions it was my turn to attend. Hurray! At least I got the joy of telling Nath she had to come with me, for once. Anyways, I expected a quick visit, bid on a few pieces of art for the office and ending up with taking just one or two home. However...

When the auction started it became clear that the pieces I wanted were getting enough interest from other bidders and it being a charity auction I declined getting involved. Then a very colourful painting was shown that I had missed during the viewing. The crowd murmured. When I took a better look I understood the fuss. Although not entirely clear you could make out a jesus figure being stabbed by a devil, who in turn was going to be stabbed by a god and in the right bottom corner there was a baby, walking away from it all. I was interested but how hard the auctioneer tried he didn't get an opening bid from elsewhere. I tilted my head a little and yelled: "1.500".
It was the quickest 'Once, twice, sold' of the day. Nath nudged me and whispered: "I don't think you made any friends." I looked around and had to agree with her.
A little later I was done for the day when I managed to outbid someone on a statue of a  female torso called "The Beauty of Imperfection". It has two beautiful shaped breasts but one an A and one a C-cup.

At the desk where I was paying my debts a priest and a little later a rabbi came up to me. They wanted to know why I had bought the painting and if I would put it on display somewhere. I told them I bought it because I liked it and that I would hang it in the reception area of our office. We ended up having a lengthy discussion why a 'murderous' god should or shouldn't be on display. Nath witnessed it all with great amusement but didn't offer me any help. I believe she called it 'The joy of seeing harmless hopelessness' afterwards. To make a long story short the priest, the rabbi and I didn't come to an agreement and eventually they gave up.

On the way home we dropped the painting and sculpture off and I thought it would be nice to hang the painting on the wall so everyone would notice it in the morning.
"Hun, ..."
"One sec, I'm almost finished."
"But you have it upside down..."
"I know, but wait till it hangs."
"Wow, that is a great painting."
"Thank you."
"Umm, you didn't just come up with this now. Why didn't you tell this to the priest?"
"And miss all the fun?"