Saturday, June 25, 2011

Once the storm has settled the smallest of breezes is noticed way more

Nath got the results of her two year check-up on Thursday and to congratulate her on the outcome was swarmed by her friends. And you? I can hear you ask. Well I took a step back. Those who really know me are used to this happening. They know I do care and that I will show it at some point but they also know you could have to wait for some time.

I’ve often thought about it. Am I incapable of instant emotion? Am I that anti-social person some have labelled me with? The answer I found is that although I do experience the emotion I do not have the urge to express or share that at that particular point. Others do have that urge and I am happy to give way to them. This is not entirely unselfish by the way. Once the storm has settled the smallest of breezes is noticed way more. So once I show I care I get better kudos for it.

Back to Nath’s test results. She got the phone call when we were with a group of 8 people and they all moved in on her once the good news was shared. In this melee Nath glimpsed at me, the one person still in his chair. When our eyes met I gave her the slightest of winks and I could see she had caught it.

Today we would meet two friends for dinner but I called them and explained why I thought we had to re-schedule. Being friends they didn’t mind and we agreed not to tell Nath. Next I called the restaurant. Nath had made reservations for four and I wanted to let them know we were only going to be two. They offered to play along and seat us at a 4-person table nevertheless. I want to thank them for that. Not only  could I expand my ploy to surprise Nath a little more. We also got some privacy that way.

So tonight when we entered the restaurant Nath introduced herself and we were led to our table, they had even put 4 plates on it for the finishing touch. As time passed Nath became more and more unsettled about our friends being late. She wanted to call them but I told her they would be on their way already and calling someone while driving I just do not like. She managed to restrain herself.
Finally, they were about 45 minutes late, she sort of asked without really expecting an answer “Why are they so late?” “Because I asked them not to come.” The look on her face I will cherish for some time. I nodded to the waiter and without any words being exchanged he brought us the first course and removed two plates from the table. Two questions fought for the right of way in Nath’s mind and they interchanged while she spoke  “When did, They knew?  we order?” I looked at her in amusement. “Yesterday and I don’t think I have to answer the other one.”
“And now, so we can enjoy the rest of the evening in peace, I want to congratulate you on the outcome of the tests.” I said handing her a small jewellery box.

We had a peaceful evening.