Saturday, August 27, 2011

She took me in

It was a normal Friday. After working hard all week we would take some petty-cash and go into the city centre for drinks. But this Friday turned out to be not a normal Friday. In the weeks leading up to this particular Friday there had been several clues as to what would eventually happen had I picked up on it. My co-workers had seen the signs but I had not connected the dots yet.
  • I thought she just easy to talk to but didn't notice I was the only one she spoke to.
  • I thought she was just one of those persons who liked to have physical contact with friends but didn't notice I was the only one carrying her around my neck.
  • I thought she would appreciate me telling her that "I liked the view but that I didn't think she wanted to display her bum to everyone walking into her office" when she, wearing a short skirt, was bending over her desk one time but didn't notice I was the only one ever walking in.
  • I thought telling her "light blue" when she sat on a desk right in front of me would be reason enough for her to cross her legs but I didn't notice that in a room with 5 people I was the only one seeing the colour of her panties.
  • I thought that when she kissed me whilst shopping for lunch she only did that so the guys ogling her would remain at a good distance.
  • I thought laying down in the grass with me was just a way to extend our time away from the office.
Our normal Friday routine was this: Around 6PM, straight from the office we'd go to the pub with six or seven people and start winding down over a few beers and some small bites to eat. We would make each other laugh and play the slot machine a little. We would drink some more, laugh some more and then one after the other would go home. After 5 or 6 hours the last one would leave and I would end up picking up the tab. Then all I had to do was finding my way home. Often it was too late to catch a train and I would go back to the office and sleep at my desk.

But this Friday, like I said, was different. All night she had been near me but that wasn't unusual and I certainly didn't mind. But sometimes we were so close that one of our friends would advice us to get a room. I know I made holes in her stockings that night. With my cigarette! in case you didn't think it was strange enough. And when, after 7-8 hours of drinking, the lights came on in the pub to signal the closing point I didn't find myself alone for once. She was still at my side.
As I was drunk or certainly over halfway to that point she offered to give me a ride and I accepted.

**remember my state when you read the next 'romantic' part**

"Where can I drop you off?" She asked.
"Pfft, I don't know. What time is it?"
"It's over 2AM"
"Okay, not the train station then. How about the office?"
"The office? Do you sleep there?"
"Shhh, but yes I have in the past. I can't ask you to drive me home now can I?"
"You can ask."
"MMmkay........... your home or mine?"

The next morning I woke up in an apartment I didn't recognize. My pants were hanging over a chair and my shirt was nicely folded. I heard a shower running but had no clue as to who was in it. I found coffee in the kitchen and had just taken my first sip when she came out of the shower. "Oh hi, nice home" I said "Thank you for taking care of me." "No problem." She said. "Take a shower and you can take care of me."

Hanneke and me took care of each other for another 6 years... She'll visit me again in October.