Saturday, September 17, 2011

Looking back

Sitting in two comfy chairs with the bottle of wine and the cheese plate half empty in between us we came to the conclusion that the past 15 years had been successful. Successful is perhaps an odd way of describing a relationship but it fits.
  • Neither of us has picked up a knife and desired to take the others life.
  • We achieved more personal goals during these years then realistically could be expected. Mostly due to the support we gave each other.
  • We visited hospitals with broken bones, cancer and what not but are sitting relatively unharmed in these chairs.
  • We fought many times but a hand was never raised. (Not in anger anyways LOL)
  • We love each other without restrictions and accept the (assumed) flaws we see as part of the whole package.
  • We live separate lives together and it works for us.
  • We long for each others company but cherish the time we are alone.
  • We look back and can only see one instance where we got it totally wrong and would have liked to have done things differently. All other wrongs we did were right at the time we did them, we think.
  • We made love and had sex and still look forward to more.
  • We guarded each other and asked questions later.
  • We agreed on disagreeing many times and moved past those.
  • We are the same and totally different.
But most important: We still smile when we see each other and that is why successful fits.

The waiter asked what we were celebrating. He then congratulated us and wished us 15 more. Simultaneously we said: "Let's see how the next week goes."
It is a work in progress.