Saturday, January 21, 2012

A few quickies

I could make full entries out of all of the next segments but I just won't spend the time necessary for them.Perhaps if anyone reads this and wants further explanation I might be tempted.

  1. I've finally found someone that truly hates me. This is a good thing. It enhances the sincerity of those that like or love me.
  2. Yes, I know shame and restriction. I'm open about myself but I can't throw everything out there because other people are involved and they don't ask for my openness. And I'm like many people when it comes to my flaws. I hide them as good as I can and in my case try to make up for them.
  3. People portray themselves more interesting on social media then they really are. Yes and No. Yes when you believe what's posted on social media is their entire life. No, when you take into account that you don't get a by the minute report and what you read may be that one minute out of the day that was actually worth posting. Face it. People are interesting and boring at the same time.
  4. I'm lazy and selfish to a point I feel I need to compensate for it.
  5. I don't get the whole circus surrounding pregnancy. On one hand I only think it to be a natural thing whilst on the other I'm intrigued by the hoopla. I will step aside for a pregnant woman but get over it you are not the first nor the last to experience it. As if THAT is the point you realize you can create life.
  6. Street lights are cool.
  7. I'm a man and I need to carry that weight with me. I'm not allowed opinions on certain aspects of life but I'm me as well so Bite Me.

Enjoy the rest of your day/week. ;-)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Start tasting, I'd say.

I was having dinner with my friend Leo this week and she said something that I found intriguing.
According to her I'm a flavour you need to taste several times before you can recognize and appreciate it.
She thinks I'm too different for most to instantly love or like but when you find the taste interesting and you'll keep me around long enough, you will learn about 50% of what I'm about. That's enough to start liking me.
After that it depends on me whether or not you'll taste (part of) the other 50%.
She's a friend so she thinks that the second 50% make people love me. She also thinks I intentionally keep people in the dark about the other 50% because I, perhaps subconsciously, put people into two groups: the large 'not interesting' group and the smaller 'interesting' one. That is the reason why so many think they are my friend but  find it hard to really describe me unless the term enigma has qualified for that.

She clearly had put some thought into it and I can agree to a certain level with her analysis. When I asked her how she, after all the bites she had taken, would describe me she came up with: Loyal, trustworthy, loveable, funny and perceptive.

Like I said she is a friend but I think I could have done worse.