Monday, February 20, 2012

No(t) more

We were in a bar yesterday and this song came along. Apparently you are required to sing along whilst looking in your loved ones eyes, as one of our friends was friendly enough to point out. Now, I know some of my responses raise eyebrows or shock people but telling her that I didn't want to lie, even when singing, stopped her in her tracks.

How could I not love Nath? How dare I just drop that on such a nice occasion? What rock did I crawl under from? And she hurled a few explicits my way.

Not faced by this I started to explain. I do not love her more each day. There are days I do but there are days I do not. I love her differently each day. Some days I love her eyes. Some I love her hair and on others I love her mind. There are even days I love her breasts and occasionally this is combined with one of those mentioned earlier. Some days I love her smile or wit but most days I love her entirely.

Thus I said I can not sing along with this song. She apologized but couldn't help herself saying I could have faked it.

And THAT, I told her, is something I don't have to do because she loves me more and more.