Saturday, March 3, 2012

Secret crush

"I really need a shower. Mind when I join you?" I stepped into the shower.
"I don't mind but don't you think Nathalie might?" And she turned around.
"Hi, I'm Margeritha but friends call me Harry and I think we better be friends now that we have seen each other wet and naked." Her hand reaching out to mine.
"Hi Harry, I'm René but friends call me Houssie and yes, we better be friends. Nice tan." I shook her hand but left the shower.
"Thank you. I see you're not wearing any." I heard her laugh.

This is how we met over a decade ago. Nath had been out with friends the night before and when I went over to her place in the morning I heard the shower running. I didn't think it through and jumped in. I escaped somewhat unharmed and with some blushes but it has been the start of a great friendship.

Harry is the only one of Nath's friends, I think, I can call my own friend as well.
She is as direct as you can be. Very bright. Totally uninhibited. And she has this way of making room in her head for whatever idea you may want to share. She'll form her own opinion and share it with you but she will never interrupt you half way through. I really like her.

Today Harry turned 40 and gave a party. Unsurprisingly the weather turned from winter to spring this week to allow for a garden party. Next week we will probably end up below zero again *LOL*
Anyway, It was a great get-together. I had been on my best behaviour the whole time and was talking to some people in the same line of work when Harry sneaked up on me and gave me a kiss.

"Hey Whitey."
"Hey! it is grey not white."
"Nah, It is white. I've seen."

The people we were talking to looked a little bewildered.

"Are you trying to embarrass me?"
"Perhaps. Whatcha gonna do about it?"
"Hmm, maybe ask you if you're still tanned all over?"
"You just want to get wet and nekkid with me again, don't ya?"

She winked at the people we were talking to. They looked uncomfortable.

"Oh boy. I don't think I can win this one. But you didn't answer my question"
She gave me another kiss and was off again.

I think I secretly love her.