Friday, April 13, 2012

Passion for passion

First let me react to all the mail from ‘Doglovers United’ I was fortunate to receive after my last column. I do not hate dogs. I just do not love them. That is a deciding difference.

No one is obligated to take my opinion as the one and only truth. I merely challenge people to think about their actions or about things that caught my eye. When my opinion isn't yours this doesn't mean I’m against you. It just means I have another opinion or point of view and I'm glad I was able to have you think about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Which brings me to today's  topic. Passion. Or better my passion for passion.

With Easter upon us we are targeted with and can read about all sorts of passion. The mattheaus passion,  the passion of the christ or the TV screening of the passion. You name it, it is there. This made me think about my own passions and I found that one of my passions is for passions.  I just love it when people are passionate about something they believe, love or possess as long as they don’t harm anyone else with their passion. When a passion crosses that boundary and becomes harmful you'll be likely to find me on the opposite side.

Years ago I talked to a model train enthusiast. He didn't but his passion for the little riding carriages almost made me feel guilty about my model train set ending up in the garbage bin years before that. Luckily my set was so standard that no actual harm was done but I changed my view about model trains and their fans.

Last year I talked to a neighbour whose money request was turned down by a bank. The pure passion for what he was trying to sell had me offering to read the proposal and make a few phone calls if I liked it. Not only did I find the money I also got one of my own clients interested in a progressive distribution deal. Perhaps as a favour to me but I guess that’s my passion paying off. The first real items will hit the shops in May.

This year a friend of mine, and this will surprise some of the members of ‘Doglovers United’, started a blog about the puppy that entered not only her life but also that of her cats. The puppy being a Pit Bull does add to the already interesting mix. On almost a daily basis, this in itself requires dedication, she writes about the effects the puppy has on her and the household. The passion for the puppy (and the cats) is visible in every entry and even with my no love policy for dogs I have to admit I wish she would write every day.

You can't live of another person’s passion but when you are confronted with it you have the obligation to think. Not about what motivates them, that's often a personal matter, but about your own view on their passion and why you feel the way you do. Sometimes you end up with no change at all. Sometimes you end up with a totally different outlook. And sometimes you end up sharing that passion.

So what's your passion?