Sunday, May 27, 2012

Well...I'm still here.

You can say the last few days have been interesting. A friend didn't take our offer to settle his various debts and, although we agreed to keep this to ourselves, it somehow became public. I can hear you think "Well you posted it on FB" but a glance at my friends on there will tell you there is nobody on there that could have made the connection.

But it became public knowledge and I got attacked for it. Now, I hardly ever give any insight into my personal finances other then "Don't worry about me" or "I've enough to live the life I want" so I admit there is room to speculate about it. But to claim our offer was an attempt to better ourselves at the expense of someone already down shocked me.
When I offer around 100k of my personal assets without any ROI (return on investment) and even a small risk on losing some of it to help a friend I don't expect to be attacked about it.

So the shock became anger. I can't even recall the last time I was really angry but when I am I become very unpleasant. I don't ask for answers anymore. I demand them. And I will get them.

Let's just say the friend we tried to help is lucky he has two daughters that we need to keep an eye out for.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How we met...

Debs status update earlier this week has led to some discussion in the Houssie household. Nath claims we met in school whilst I claim we met in bed. Technically she is right. We met in school, shared some classes for two years and even the occasional bench was shared. But did we really meet?

I say no. I certainly noticed her. May even have used her notes (she claims I did because I never took any). But to have met, I feel you need to have some sort of interaction. Not just the fact you sat next to each other for 50 minutes at some point.

I don't even think we met when two of our common friends led her into my home some 16 years ago. I think we met some 12 hours later. She, due to circumstances beyond our control, was sleeping in my bed and during the night had noticed the couch I chose for the night was giving me back trouble. She invited me in and only the next morning when she caught me 'scrutinizing' her body with my eyes I think we really met. The rest is history.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


One evening, a long time ago, I told Nath I was going to meet a friend of mine in a bar. When I answered her question "Who?", her face made pretty clear she didn't like him.
It was that evening I explained my philosophy on friends and even though it went against most of her, I guess female, thought pattern she agreed with me on it. Occasionally I see glimpses of the opposite, mostly when she really wants me to like one of her friends. And those times I do try to make an effort of getting to know these friends before deciding whether I like them or not.

In my world friends of friends are not automatically liked. They can become "liked" but if not, there is no man overboard, no harm done. And I don't held it against my friend that he/she is friends with this person. Just do not involve me in that friendship.
I have friends I like to drink with but do not invite to my home.
I have friends I go out to dinner with but never would meet up with in a bar.
I have friends who do not invite me to their home.
I have friends I played soccer with.
I have friends I have intellectual discussions with.
And I have friends that are included in more then one of the above categories.

So when I went to Nath's place earlier this week and she said she had some friends coming over later I only asked good or bad? As in do I like them or not? As in do I have to run or can I stay?
Her answer was: "Six good, two bad. But I really would like you to stay because  I may need you later." Being who I am I thought I be needed for sex later on but it went a little different.

During the evening I stayed as much away from the bad  and did not react to anything they said. I noticed some glimpses from the good whenever something controversial was said by the bad but I just acted as if I didn't hear it. What I did notice was that the good and this includes Nath obviously got more and more irritated by the remarks the bad made. But for me this was more a sign as to why they were good in my book then anything other.
When Nath stood up to get another bottle of wine she asked if I could help her so, although she is quite capable of opening those herself, I followed her into the kitchen.
"What do you think of them?" she asked.
"I don't think. I just give them the silent treatment."
"Yeah I noticed that. Could you do something for me?"
"You can open bottles yourself so I'm guessing that's not it?"
"Could you get rid of them? I want them gone."
"Hmm, okay. Your way of mine? Because you know what happens when I do it my way."
I went back into the room and one of the good wanted another beer but I stopped his "H, while you're up could you get me.." with a small hand gesture. I looked at the bad and said: "You two. Stand up and leave." They looked a little amazed and wanted to say something but my "There wasn't a 'please' in that." cut that short. They looked at Nath who was right behind me but got nothing in support from her nor from any of the others. They stood up and I accompanied them to the door.

When I walked into the living room there was a little tension but my "Sorry. I needed to take care of something. I'm guessing you wanted a beer?" was then met with laughter. "I told you he wouldn't even flinch." Nath said. "Cold, effective and a little frightening." One of the good said.
"Don't worry. I didn't like them. You're good. But if I was supposed to do this you all could have told me earlier and saved us all an hour of that garbage." More laughter.

See sometimes it is handy to not be friends with your friend's friends.