Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boring isn't a negative. We assume way too much.

My life is boring. This is usually assumed to be a bad thing. As I would not be satisfied with my life. But whatever way you look at it my life is boring and I do not consider that to be a bad thing. I'm perfectly happy with boring. Boring isn't negative.

When I told a colleague my life was boring she wouldn't accept it. She pointed out that
  • I must be one of the few employers in my line of work that is outnumbered 1 to 12 by women.
  • I'm in a relationship that needs constant clarification (to others)
  • I've not a day where I don't find myself in a not-work-related discussion often caused by my somewhat strange views.
  • few weeks go by where one of the above doesn't land me in a situation most people would call 'not normal'.

But that's all normal to me. I have come to expect it and that's why it is boring. Others may find it really interesting and stepping into their shoes I might also but I'm wearing my own.

I post approximately once a week here or on FB about things that happened that I consider to be interesting. One incident a week that I think is worthy of noting. Actually, some posts are made for my friends. I don't think their worthy on their own but give my friends a little more insight into me. And also in between there are some posts that have a soul searching background. It helps to write about stuff that's keeping me busy. Call it an effort to get my ducks back into a row. So I guess it is even less then once a week, probably more once a month that I think "Hmm, that's interesting" when it comes to my life.

But this does mean that, albeit interesting for some, for me it is a boring life. And I never have been happier. Do not assume otherwise.