Sunday, July 8, 2012

She knows

It should be known by now that I do like to challenge people's thought patterns. Not to prove them wrong, there is nothing malicious in it, but to let them see other possibles. So when someone said the other night that Nath was my rock my response that I didn't hope so 'cause I tend to throw rocks caught her, how surprising, off guard.

A few moments of thought passed before she countered with that she then had to be the love of my life. Of course I couldn't agree on that either. In typical fashion I answered that she, currently, was in the running but that my life wasn't over yet so "to soon to call".

Another few moments passed and I was asked if I could agree she then was the love of my life until now? "It really is a 50/50 decision. I can say she has been the so-called love of my life for most of the past 5.000 days or so. It comes down to your view on love."

I went on: "Look if you want me to I can say about her that I love her today and an educated guess would be I will tomorrow also, don't take her for granted, depend on her from time to time, get an automatic smile on my face when I see or hear her and hope to have that smile for the foreseeable future. That I would give my left arm for her but not my right. There are too many others depending on my right arm. That I would give her a kidney if we were a match. But I can't say anything definite about what's not and that... she knows"

After some time letting it sink in she turned to Nath and said: "He loves you." Nath shrugged her shoulders and replied: "What's new?"