Friday, October 26, 2012


Just a little something.

When turning on the lights this evening the main source of my lighting, a floor lamp, decided not to burn any longer. Nathalie asked if she should look for a new light in the morning. But I told her not to bother because I'll be going out for a whole new lamp.  She thought about it for a sec before she said that going through life this way could get costly. Buying a new car when the ashtray is full or buying a new phone when the battery is empty.
I just shrugged my shoulders. "We don't smoke in the car and I don't have a cellphone. But I guess that righting something what I somehow must think is wrong is worth it."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why do I end up in these situations?

After "all alone" Saturday today was entirely different. Nath and I woke up together, actually I woke up and she was there, and she told me we were going to have dinner with friends. As stated before I do not like all her friends so a little worried I wanted to ask which friends but before I could she put her finger on my lips to silence me. "Don't worry. You'll like them. We're going with John and Nicole." Nicole is a actress who also did some presenting on TV and John is the manager of a theatre in Amsterdam.
Their names are altered for reasons that will become obvious later.

After spending the day more or less just hanging out we got decent and went to the restaurant where we would meet. Nicole and John arrived a little later and after the best part of three bottles of wine and three courses of food we had covered all kinds of conversation topics. I had just ordered us some coffee when Nicole wanted my view on a delicate matter. John had gotten very angry about some pictures of Nicole that had surfaced on the Internet. Topless pictures to be exact, stills taken from a TV-movie. "Oh. I've seen those." I said innocently. That earned me an angry look from John. "But what did you want to ask?"
A little insecure she went on. "Well John thinks I should make a complaint and have them taken down. And I'm not sure about what I should do or think. And we thought you may have an answer for it or a more neutral view."

"Hmm, my first thought is that if you don't want to be on the Internet you shouldn't have become an actress. Then if you don't want any particular body parts on the Internet you shouldn't bare them for the public. Artistic reasons and such aside because that's just a bunch of hoopla. I've seen the most romantic and erotic scenes filmed without any nudity. And vice versa.
But fact is you did show them and they are out there. Whatever you'll do they will remain out there and putting emphasis on the fact they are out there by making a complaint will probably only spread them to a wider audience.
Do you go to the beach and sunbathe topless? I'm guessing you do and so I ask you: Do you want to enjoy that or be focused on who has a camera pointed at you? Don't answer that. All I'm saying is that when you make a complaint you'll be known to a wider audience and thus run the risk of being noticed at that beach. Look, I only saw them because a friend knew that we were friends and he forwarded them to me."

Out of earshot from John I did tell Nicole however, that showing her boobs to the world had not hurt any eyes. I'm still me after all.
I guess we'll read in the newspaper (or not) what her decision will be.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All alone on a Saturday evening

Don't bring me any tissues. Being all alone on a Saturday evening wouldn't be my first choice but it is up there for me. Nath is out with the girls and for the first time in weeks I'm finding myself all alone. Next week for different reasons will be the same.

What I of course knew already but never thought about was that a relationship takes up a lot of time. I had to do some stuff today and when I was done and looked at the clock I couldn't believe so little time had passed. You got to wonder if couples should give each other a day off in order to get to the stuff that's needing to be done.
"Hey Hun, why don't you take a day off. I've got work to do."

Anyway with time on my hands I picked up a book and again I realised this goes way quicker when she is not around. I admit mostly because I have nothing to glance at. Glances that lead to all kinds of thoughts.

I even got to see some shows I recorded. And again, way quicker when alone. No pauses for potty breaks, drinks or food.

Perhaps you're thinking by now that you're reading nothing and that there is nothing worthy in my life at the moment that warrants a blog post. Well perhaps that goes for the former but the latter is not true. There are several things I want or could blog about but today is just not that day.

Enjoy your weekend (and/or your alone time)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Old people (continued)

A few weeks back I told you about the old man I met during my polling stations duties with whom I made a deal for a visit to our offices. Well since, he has done so twice. But let me begin with the first visit.

We had Hendrik, friends call me Henk, picked up by a cab and delivered at our office on a rainy Thursday morning. Because I was in a meeting that ran late Henk had to wait a little in the reception area and used the time to chat up Sylvia, my personal assistant/our office manager. When I finally came to get him she winked me over. "I think I know why you liked him."

I showed Henk around and when we sat down in my office his first question was if there were any men working here. I told him there had been two others. One had left and the other one, I think, was eaten. I still haven't found out exactly. He smiled and said he liked the atmosphere.

Over coffee I explained to him what we did and more important how we wanted to conduct our business after which he started telling what he had done in the past and by the time Sylvia brought us fresh coffee we were sharing anecdotes.

I used the opportunity to ask her if she could see if Vivianne (Viv) was in and available to join us. By the stories Henk had told, I had established that if he was to be involved with us in any form her area of expertise was where he would be useful. Viv is what you would call a very open person. Totally at ease with herself and the limits of her knowledge, as high as hers are. And always looking for other solutions or ways to make things happen. On more then one occasion I've called her a sponge, soaking up all the information available.
After I introduced them their conversation took off and I became a mere spectator. Before we knew it lunch time arrived and we invited Henk to join us.

I think I should explain how we do lunch at our office. We all lunch together at one big table, schedules allowing of course. In my opinion there are two plus sides to this. One is the fact social conversations do not interfere too much with work time, we are a business after all, and also that eating together keeps some sort of family feeling alive. Little observation skills are needed to see who is and who isn't talking to each other. A quick word sometimes helps to normalize relations.

Anyway. Henk joined us and after a reserved start was targeted with all sorts of questions. He got a real feel of how we challenge and question one another. And also that there is nothing that can't be discussed. I almost choked on my sandwich when one asked him where I had dug him up. But he answered without any facial reaction that he was discovered in the Lost and Found of the Elderly home. After that, without him having much of a say in it, an agreement was reached to call him Gramps. When asked why they wouldn't just call him Henk he was told that they felt it would be disrespectful to call him that. Gramps had a more loving touch to it. I'm sure they worded it like that so he couldn't complain. LOL.

After the lunch-scapades Henk, Viv and I went back to my office and I asked him about his thoughts. It turned out that, although he enjoyed the time he had spend at our office tremendously, he couldn't see how he could play any role. Viv interrupted him and asked if he was willing to read her draft reports and comment on them. He, and I, were surprised by that. She went on to explain that neither she nor Henk could decide if there was a role for him without testing it out. All she really wanted to know was if he knew how to use a computer and had one. Turns out Henk is the go-to guy at the home for computer issues.

So we settled on a try-out phase and Henk was safely returned to his home.

Since, Henk has commented on three reports and Viv is very happy with the input. Last week I bumped into Henk at the office without knowing he would be coming. He and Viv had a meeting and he would stay for lunch. "Hmm, facing the Amazon-horde once again. Are you up for it?" I asked. "I think you may need the support." He answered.

(We still haven't discussed compensation for his services.)