Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Like many others I got asked what I was doing during the holidays and when I explained Hanneke was coming over and staying at my place a few went on their way assuming. Others went on asking how Nath was feeling about that and when I told them she would be there also for the most part left it at that. The raised eyebrows were a give away though. Assume what you want.

Now I'm one who likes to play with assumptions so I do not deny nor confirm anything. Essentially it is impossible because I simply don't know what is going to happen.

And thus it can happen that my one and only bed in this house turns out to not accommodate three persons and yours truly finds himself at the feet of the two women sleeping in the bed. On the floor that is. I didn't object to that as much as my back did. But what also can happen is that today I wake up and feel a hand moving around on my chest. Because Nath went to visit her parents the day before I can pretty much be sure it belongs to Hanneke. After she woke I told her what she did and she explained she lately likes to feel the heartbeat of the person in bed with her. It comforts her sort of.

And now I'm left with an assumption or question. What happened the night I slept on the floor? Do not answer that because in my mind I have a way better answer then reality ever could come up with.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Round up

For the 12th year in a row 3 DJ's have locked themselves into a glass house and in exchange for money play our favourite songs 24/7. During these 6 !! days they do not eat. They do this to collect money for the Red Cross in support of the so called silent tragedies. This year the topic is the 5.5 million babies that are either born dead or die just after birth. Every 6 seconds a baby dies.
Here is a link

Have a look. If only to view the weather in The Netherlands or the current fashion trends here :) I've caught the bug and have this on whenever I'm awake. Last year they collected 8.6 million euro's (10.75 million $$) and even with the current financial crisis it seems they will top it this year. Yesterday evening at 7PM they were already at 4.2 million. In comparison, last year they were at 1.9 million at this stage. Traditionally on christmas eve the door will open again. I feel something that's best described as pride.


The pope gave his christmas speech and had the balls to tell the world gays are a threat to the family. Here is a man, at the head of an organisation that is infested with paedophiles and knowingly shielded them from prosecution only to protect the interest of the church (read money) whilst wrecking whole families in the process, having the audacity to tell us gays are a danger for society.

I was so appalled I decided it was time to act. I asked my mother where I was baptized and filled out three forms to have the roman catholic tag I bear stricken from all official records. A small gesture perhaps but because I'm still registered as a roman catholic I count as one and tied to that the church gets a certain amount of subsidy and airtime on our national PBS. I hope that many will do this and the signal gets across. I feel something that's best described as utter disgust.


Nathalie and I spend yesterday in bed for the most time. With the aforementioned Serious Request playing in the background we just spend time together. Talking, laughing, eating, cuddling, drinking and what else you can do. I was asked last night by a friend if I had been drinking and I think my answer: "Only the nectar of Love" covers it all.
Next to that I got a great holiday surprise. Hanneke will visit us for a week from Monday. I have 5 successive days off from work and she'll share the last two of those with us. She will have a hard time to better the 1st day though.
I feel something that's best described as LOVED.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What she said...

After Nath read last night's FB update she called me if she needed a reason to sleep in my bed and in all honesty I had to say no. It was more the unexpected that drove me to that update and perhaps to a certain degree the fact it didn't make sense.

"René (Using my birth name I knew she meant business otherwise she calls me H., Hun or whatever she comes up with), you have a history of unexpected women sleeping in your bed and you question it when it happens with the woman you are actually in a relationship?"
"In my defense I questions those occasions also. Heck, I even blogged or updated about those as well."
"True, but it seems to me you do not expect women in your bed. Period."
"Good point. Maybe I do. Maybe that's the reason I'm always pleasantly surprised when there is one in my bed. I know of two occasions I forgot there was a woman in my bed. One almost gave me a heart attack when I went to bed and she started moving around and the other made me breakfast in the morning. The fact I asked her how she entered my home didn't go down well."
"You're bad. It seems to me you are the problem and not whether I have food in the house or need warmth during a cold winter night."
"I fail to see how I am the problem when women end up in my bed unexpected but I guess I'm partially to blame. From now on I'll be expecting women."
"Hehe, you'll get disappointed."
"I can't win this one, can I?"
"Nope, but you are a lucky bastard anyway."
"I love you too."

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Explaining the non truth

Because Nathalie and I do not visit each others relatives there are a lot of questions left unanswered. My dad for instance has seen Nath but doesn't know he has and I briefly encountered Nath's mother when Nath was in hospital but managed to escape her dad. Avoiding them is not a deliberate ploy but meeting them isn't either. We are in the relationship and frankly no one else is.

And so it can happen that yesterday my 14-year-old niece, who hasn't seen Nath and I don't think heard of her, told my sister that I had a rather big bed for someone sleeping in it all by himself and she wondered why. My sister told her she could ask me but that she probably wouldn't get the answer she was expecting. She turned to me.

"H. (how strange btw that none in my family uses uncle with me but do with my brothers) you have such a large bed but you sleep in it all alone, why is that?"
"Okay, I will neglect the red riding hood opening you provided and give you a honest answer. You have a single sleeper, right?" She nodded. "Well that sort of limits your possibilities and I don't like that. I want to have a choice. So every night I stand exactly in the middle of the bed and then close my eyes and spin around my axes 14 times. Just enough to lose my balance and whatever side of the bed I fall on, I sleep on."

Somehow not questioning my story she asked what happened when I would fall on the floor. "Why do you think I have that lush carpet?" I answered.
She looked to my sister and then looked back to me. "You two are so different."