Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday morning, when opening a door, something in my neck popped and I immediately felt a sharp pain there. The neck stiffened up rather quickly and the upper halve of my right arm became very painful. Now with my history you can understand I sorta worried.

The night wasn't easy but this morning it did feel a little better. By the time Nath came over in the afternoon I felt as if I could do things normal again. She came in, looked at me and asked: "How much did it hurt?"

How? I hadn't told anyone. I hadn't blogged about it. Not even in a private message had I said anything. How?

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Nath send me a message to make sure I watch an episode of Castle that aired on Thursday (overhere). She knows I record them, because I'm usually at my mom's that night, so the message was a bit unnecessary but it made me curious as to why I should watch this particular one.

In this episode, besides the usual murder and investigation, Castle's daughter gets sick and his ex-wife moves into his home to take care of her. Castle doesn't say NO to that so Beckett his current girlfriend is rather pissed off about this.
In the usual safe and general fashion of a US television show all bases when it comes to current and ex-girlfriends are touched.

After seeing the episode I wondered why Nath made sure I watched it. Was she trying to tell me something without saying it? I send her a message and it turned out she wanted me to watch so I would know how, in general, letting your ex stay at your home is perceived and that this is why every time I let that happen people will question that action. A learning moment so to say.

I pointed out to her that the last time Hanneke stayed with me she invited her and that other people's opinions on this are merely fun to play with and not to be taken seriously.

She agreed but she wondered if I, like her, had watched the show with a feeling of "this is not how it works with me." And yes, I must say that I did.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Houssie met Harry.

Went to dinner with Nath's friend Harry this evening. As I have said before Harry is by far my favourite friend of Nath.

Anyway, Nath is out of town for the week and Harry had her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Somehow these facts became "one and one is two" when we met with some friends last week.
After the big "40" party a year earlier Harry kept it low-key this year so I told her I would take her out to dinner. When I also suggested it to take place this week because Nath wouldn't be around some of the people present raised an eyebrow. Harry never shy of stirring things up a bit immediately agreed.

I can still be surprised by peoples reactions I guess. Whilst Nath didn't even flinch (I guess she knows me) others assumed their asses off.

I can tell you I had a great companion this evening and enjoyed myself tremendously with the food, the conversation and the wine.

Moment of the evening: Harry took a bite and went "MMMmmMMMMMMMM". "Don't even think I'll be Sally tonight!" I said. She got the reference without thinking about it. "You can be Harry tonight." she said with a grin. "People already think we are more then friends."

I guess we are in a way.