Friday, May 31, 2013

I won't stop doing the things I shouldn't do

On some levels I'm above average fortunate which allows me to do things I want to do when I want to do them most of the time. The problem however is that some of the things I do, for me, have no hidden purpose whereas society is brainwashed into thinking there is a catch.

For example:
A few weeks ago a girlfriend mentioned she loved flowers but her boyfriend never brought any home with him. My first response was: "Why don't you buy them yourself then?" but as it turned out she loved getting them. I made a mental note of that.

I don't know why but Saturday I somehow remembered the conversation and decided to act on it. I logged on to my favourite online florist who has the flowers delivered in a box that contains water and made arrangements for a delivery on Thursday. Perhaps I shouldn't have added the card with hearts on it and perhaps I shouldn't have them put 'Just because' on it as well. But because I am who I am I did.

Yesterday evening I got a call from the boyfriend. What I was thinking sending his woman flowers? What the hell was going on?
When I tried to explain to him that I wasn't the one thinking but he was I got a feeling my explanation never reached his brain. So I decided to take a different route and ended the call.
Some five minutes later I called him back and told him to shut up and listen. I told him his woman loved getting flowers and that I'm able to give those. Just like he likes getting a beer and the next time we meet up I will give him one. "Do not for a moment think that when I give you the beer we are in some sort of relationship. Think about that one and then think about the flowers I sent and may be sending in the future." And with that I ended the call.
I received an e-mail later containing just the word "Gotcha".

My life is littered with these kind of incidents. I recall wanting to surprise Nathalie with some flowers one day and I couldn't decide between three different bouquets. Knowing she would be working from home the entire week I decided to have all of them delivered on separate days. After the first delivery she called to thank me. After the second she became a little more suspicious but thanked me nevertheless. After the third she full heartedly assumed that I was trying to make up for something. Over the phone I could not convince her of my innocence and only when we met face to face I won her over.

Granted this was in the early stage of our relationship so you can argue she didn't know me that well but still it is an example of how we think because society has us thinking that way. And that is strange because you and I are that same society so your thoughts and mine are what society is thinking. Society is a collection of individual thoughts that should be judged on an individual basis and that's why I won't stop doing what I do.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friend or friendly?

Nath was talking into her phone when she came home. “I’ll talk it over with him and come back to you on that” was what I could hear. Only when after ending the call she said “RenĂ©” I knew I was the him and the tone with which she said it alarmed me. I had to be in trouble somehow.

On Friday we met up with some friends and at some stage I ended up in a discussion with one of Nath’s friends. (From reading these entries you must know by now that that is highly unlikely LOL) The discussion was about friendship and friends and at some point I explained my views on this and must have said something like “You’re not a friend of mine but a friendly. Becoming a friend is not just clicking on a link and adding someone.” She responded with a “Oh. Okay” and the discussion pretty much ended there. I didn’t feel like I upset her. I only explained my views on friends. That you only have one to three and that the rest more or less are friendly’s. People you know, are interested in, wish no harm and have the same feelings towards you.
Apparently you do not say this to people because they find this very upsetting. And that’s why Nath got a call from another friend (of hers) and we ended up having a discussion about something we both more or less believe but put into practice in a different way.

And that's how we in the end came to this:
"You know, I sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if I hadn't met you."
"Probably a lot easier but less interesting I assume."
"Yeah, that sounds a lot like where I ended up."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Awkward moment?

We all know these awkward moments of silence where you know you need to say something but nothing worthy comes to mind. This was not such a moment.

We were sharing the couch this morning, both reading a book when I glanced at her. Her read must have been exciting because she was biting her upper lip and twirling her hair with her left hand, something she somehow can't control and does every time some sort of anxiety gets to her. I must have watched her for 3 or 4 minutes before she became aware of my staring. She started to look back and it became some sort of standoff.

Eventually she decided to break the silence.
"What are you thinking?"
"I was actually thinking of kissing you. What were you thinking?"
"When you would decide to say something funny."

I weighed up my options, took the chance anyway and the rest so to say is history.