Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shut up!

*Disclaimer* I think we can all relate to having that one friend where the interaction between the two of you is something only the two of you understand. Friends who are witness to it often just ignore that part of the conversation. Keep that in mind when you read any further.

I have one male friend who is black and one male friend who is gay.

Some 15 years ago at a party one of my (work)partners introduced me to Dennis. He is both of the above. Had we not been introduced we most likely would have never crossed paths because our worlds and interest are miles apart. But what we found out that night is that our humour is the same. And every party after that where we both were present was spend in each others company.

We are having so much fun together that it rubs off on others. I can say this safely because we seem to attract crowds. Last night the two of us were standing alone on a deck overseeing a lake just joking and smoking. After a little while one or two people came outside also for a smoke and they kept hanging around. Not much time after that a few more wandered outside and in the end it seemed the party had moved from inside to outside.
This in itself isn't unusual. It tends to happen when smoking inside is forbidden but last night was different because not much was said by others while they were outside. In fact in hindsight I guess Kevin and I gave a performance and we got people smiling.

After the party we shared a cab and when we neared Dennis' house he asked if I would come in for a drink. I said that I had enough already and would rather go home.
"Oh I see, you think because I'm gay I will get you really drunk and take advantage of you. Don't you?"
"No, you are wrong. This is more a black thing. You can't help it you have two things not going for you."
After which I received a friendly punch in the stomach and he got out. The cabby didn't see that all this was done with smiles and in a friendly matter. So when we drove of to my place he sorta demanded an apology or he would throw me out at the next corner. Well if you know me you understand that I was thrown out at the next corner. I hardly ever apologize let alone for something I haven't done.

Walking the two miles left, I decided to call Dennis and tell him what had happened.
"Must have been because I'm white."
"Nope now you're wrong. It's because you're a hetero. You don't have everything going for you either."
"You know I'd punch you if you were nearby."
"Too dark. You'd miss."

I smiled walking the walk, listening to the talk.

Friday, August 9, 2013


I sometimes get asked why I am doing what I am doing and my answer is always the same: “Because it is easy for me.” Nine times out of ten, people do not believe this to be true but it is closer to the truth then they would think. Advising businesses on financial matters isn’t a challenge for me, neither is it something I absolutely need to do to feel satisfied. For me it is a way to earn money and the fact it comes naturally to me has led me not to pursue other avenues.

Did I want to start my own business? No, it never crossed my mind until it sort of happened.
Did I want to have people working for me? No, definitely not. I don’t want the responsibility of being an influence on their lives but it comes with the territory.
Did I want to work with numbers? Not necessarily but even as a young boy math and calculus weren’t a challenge for me. It was the first to show and teachers and parents picked up on that and all through school I was challenged in that area. Using the results there allowed me to slightly underperform on other classes and I took ‘advantage’ of that.


On several occasions recently I’ve been told: “I did not expect that from you.” And the conversation then went on about why I didn’t do it more often or why I didn’t do it for a living.

It happened when someone read a few of my columns and suggested I’d write a entire book of short stories.
It happened when I walked past a table with a collection of pictures and picked out one without really thinking and told the group deliberating over them that this was the best of the bunch. It ended up being the cover for a magazine.
It happened when I was asked to give my opinion on a website and I gave so much input that I more or less re-designed the entire site.

It happens too often for it to be coincidence but this entry isn’t about all I can do it is about whether or not I missed my calling. For that to be true I have to believe there is such a thing as a calling. And I don’t because that would mean I can’t be satisfied or feel fulfilled until I’ve found mine….