Saturday, November 9, 2013

You won't believe....

Earlier this week when we left for work I mentioned to Nathalie I might run in to her because I had a meeting in Utrecht later in the day. Now has Utrecht about 325.000 people living and on a good day approximately another 50.000 working there so running into each other is highly unlikely. But nevertheless there is a chance.

Anyway(1). My meeting ran longer then scheduled and my client suggested we would finalize things over lunch. I told him I knew a lovely little place in the city center and off we went. What he didn't know is that this place is a meeting point for artists of all kinds and also our favourite place to meet up with friends. The place even has a portrait of Nath on the wall from the time she modelled for aspiring artists during her university days. On several occasions I've tried to buy it but I don't think the owner takes my offers seriously anymore. It has become more of a running gag I guess.

Anyway(2). We were finishing our lunch when two women entered the room. My companion must have wanted some extra fun because he invited the two to join us. I can't say I was amused by his actions. I still had to have his signature and was in no mood to entertain strangers but he was very persistent and the two eventually gave in and joined us. I stood to introduce myself and was very surprised to see two pair of very familiar eyes. My formal introduction however warned them I didn't want our connection known to my client.

My client started to ask them all kinds of questions and of course eventually came to the part he was really interested in: "Are you in a relationship?" They both said they were and when I asked how their partners would react to them having lunch with two strangers they countered by asking us if we were in a relationship and if so why we were hitting on women in a lunchroom. "Touché." was all I could say.

After they finished their lunch they made a few attempts to get away from us but my client managed to hold them at our table. Only when I said I had another meeting and had to get going they finally managed to slip away. "I think I really had a chance with that Blond." my client said. "Hmm. I don't think they were really that interested in us other then a free meal and some fun at our expense." But he went on: "No I really think I could have. But you weren't very helpful." "I'm sorry if that was the case. I'm more helpful when it comes to my work I guess." "Oh well. Let me sign that damn paper and you can get on your way."

Anyway(3). It was about 8PM that evening when I heard the front door open.
"Hey hun, you will not believe what happened to me today"
"Let me tell you what happened to me today first. You will not believe it."
And we laughed.