Saturday, December 27, 2014

There is a first for everything

Thinking about it, the title of this blog post is stating the obvious. Without a first there wouldn't be existence iow nothing to blog about but anyways that's not what I wanted to share.

Christmas eve I got a call from Nath.
"Can Harry crash at your place Friday night? She has a party near you and needs a place to sleep."
"Why didn't she call me directly?"
"She knows you would say yes. But wanted to make sure I was okay with it."
"And are you?"
"I wouldn't have called otherwise. Stupid question."
"Just making sure. Getting my alibi in order."
"I know you are busy. So what can I tell her?"
"Tell her it is fine. I'll give her breakfast in bed if she asks nicely."
"Okay, will do. Have fun with her."
"Will do. Thank you."

Friday night 3AM I'm woken by the doorbell and buzz Harry in.
"Did I wake you?"
"Yeah, I expected you had hooked up with someone for the night and had gone to bed."
"And miss out on a night alone with you? No way!"
"Do you need anything?"
"I'd like to take a shower. Danced all night and don't feel that fresh. Can we drink a glass of wine together after I had my shower?"
"Sure. Let me get you some towels. You'll find some of Naths stuff in the shower."
Although not the first time it remains a strange sight to see a different attractive lady in Naths bathrobe curled up on my couch.
"Nath said something strange when she called me back."
"Did she? What was it?"
"She said to have fun with you. What did she mean with fun?"
"Just a good time. What do you think?"
"I dunno. Thought it to be worded a little odd. That's all."
"You're thinking sex as a possibility aren't you?"
"It is fun, right?"
"Yup it is. But that's not on the table."
"Spoiler Alert!! Hey, isn't this somewhat how you two hooked up?"
"It has some similarities. But different times, different place."
"Aww damn."
"I think we should go to bed. You clearly have had too much wine."
"I sleep naked. Did you know that?"
"No but I expected it more or less. Nothing I haven't seen before."
"Ain't that the truth, whitey."
"Oh Nath also told me to ask you nicely about breakfast in bed. That's sex isn't it?"
"Go to sleep woman."
"Hehe, you're getting old."

I made her breakfast in the morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

First sheep

We like going out for dinner and are in luck that around our homes we can choose from many restaurants. Within a 5 to 10 mile radius there are about 450 restaurants (150 around my place - 300+ around Nath's place).

What I don't like is going out for dinner and be disturbed by other customers, especially groups of people. Whenever I have to book for a group of more than 5 persons I make sure to pick a restaurant that allows for groups to be separated from the 'normal' crowd. Don't do to others what you don't want to be done to you.

But I've learned that many restaurants don't allow for this. In fact more often then not my request is greeted by skepticism. What most restaurant fail to understand is that when I want an intimate dinner and am disturbed by a loud group at another table my 'experience' gets ruined. And judging by the looks my loud groups have gotten when we weren't separated I'm not the only one. You can not prevent it. A group of 5+ will at some point get loud. Voices have to carry a longer distance. There is always one who will raise his/her voice to make a point and be heard making it.

I've discussed this with a friend who runs two restaurants and he argued that it wouldn't be cost effective. I argued that he couldn't know that when such a scheme wasn't rolled out over numerous restaurants and people would be aware of the possibility. In my perspective it takes one sheep to cross a bridge before the rest will follow.

Last night we went out with a group of seven to celebrate my moms 70th birthday and I had asked beforehand to be seated somewhere we wouldn't be of much influence to the other guests. Surprise me. When we arrived we were led to a small room that is part of the restaurant and yet separated from the main area. Not once did I feel I was not in a restaurant and not once did I feel  we were invading on other guests.
After dinner I asked the owner about it and he told me that when he didn't have reservations for a larger group on a particular night he would use screens to divide the room into small cubicles, dim the light to a lower level, play some jazzy music and it would become the favourite spot for lovers to sit. Needless to say I asked him if he would mind talking to my friend. He handed me his number.

Have I found my first sheep?

Saturday, November 8, 2014


As part of the program for my back I have to take walks for 30-45 minutes. During the week I feel I hardly have time to sleep so I will try to incorporate the walks into my daily routine. Usually I take a bus from the train station to my office which in all takes about 15 minutes but I figured I could walk the distance as well. Turns out (I did this yesterday) it takes only 30 minutes to walk. I was a little surprised. I guess waiting for the bus (5 mins) and the short walk to the office (3 mins) had my time calculations messed up.

During the weekend however I can walk the neighbourhood. Either mine or Nath's. Today I did mine and I thought I'd share some sights with you.

First up are the old NCRV studios. The NCRV is a Dutch broadcaster that left these studios in the year 2000. Everyone however still refers to the building as the NCRV studios.

This building is practically in my backyard so not much of a challenge.

But I have to walk 30-45 minutes so approximately 2-3 miles and on I went.

Next up was the old Gymnasium building that is now part of another school. The picture is the best I managed and doesn't do justice to it.
It is quite impressive.

After passing several luxuries villa's, I didn't take pictures of them because I do not want to invade anyone's privacy, I came past the new NCRV studios.

The building is ugly and I do not want ugly pictures in my blog so you won't miss out on

After passing the old court building, out of use since 2013 and also of the modern (=ugly) variety, I apparently ended up in some sort of spiritual quarter. I passed buildings of a

a Healing and Meditation center, a Lutheran Church and the Grail Movement of Abd-ru-shin.

But in between these is a small park with a grand stature.

Some may frown on a certain part of the stature but it is grand. :P

Anyhows. I was a little surprised to find all this and more in my back yard. I only walked the equivalent of 2 miles so who knows what I dig up when I decide to take other routes.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


She left yesterday and me a note:

H. do me a favor. Keep that appointment this Wednesday. Do not find an excuse late in the day because of your work. Make sure you keep it. You've changed the last four/five years and in my opinion that is largely due to the pain you've been battling. You are still you, but I can see how you sometimes drift out of a conversation because you need to fight the pain. I sort of admire the fact you are still able to be funny and a joy to hang out with despite this but you're changing. And we don't like the way this is going. I didn't want to end up in a discussion about this with you but I want you to know and think about it. We probably love you even when you're a grumpy old man but we would like to have that day as far in our future as we can.

Love, H.

And because I know you are wondering: Your eyes give you away.

So for the best part of the day this little loving note has been occupying my mind. On and off. And she is right. I'm blessed with my ' back-up wife'.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The road

Until I was around the age of fourteen I regularly spend a few nights a year at my friends house and he would in return do the same at ours. We did a lot of stuff young boys do at that age. It is part of the process of growing up. You steal a candy bar from a store. You ring some bells and run like hell before they open the door. You break a window. You ride a small motorbike although you need to be sixteen and have a license.
But at some point you decide you won't anymore. Why? Maybe because peer pressure does not intimidate you anymore. Maybe because you develop values. Maybe because you figure all is relative.

My friend however never stopped. He needed all the new toys, the best clothes and lots of money to show off. Without learning a skill set you can understand that to keep this up he needed to turn to crime. Small at first but as it turns out big in the end.

I was talking to my mom yesterday (she turned 70) and she told me she was so glad I wasn't him. That I had taken a different road. As my friend turned into a witness for the state last month by telling all about kills for hire he brokered and went into the witness protection program his mom is now under protection from the justice department as well. It is rumoured she received large sums of money into her bank accounts and she is rumoured to be on a death list. I don't know if any of this is true of course but if so I wonder why she didn't get rid of the money. I've known her to be a law abiding person.

Anyhows my mom was happy I didn't follow his path. I told her that was because I never ever gave any value to material things. Sure I like the good stuff but I only need stuff that works. Sure I like the money but I only need what I need. And don't get me wrong. I've had opportunity to follow the path he took. In fact I could have stepped into organized crime at a much higher level. Something I became aware of years later after a an interview by the economic crimes unit of our FBI and a book that was published about my old boss. But I don't care about money and looking back, remembering the conversations at the time, I guess that is why I got out clean. Had I been hungry for money I would have been vulnerable for temptations from the other side of the 'business'.

I'm glad I took the road I took. Irony is that I now have more money than I need and can do and have most of the things my friend always needed to do or have. Small but telling difference though is that I can enjoy them and he (and his family?) will be in hiding for the rest of his life.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm wondering...

I'm wondering if my 'career' in sports has anything to do with my hernia problems. Back in the day I've been in a few collisions, one knocked me unconscious for a minute,  that left me with pains in the same regions. Of course since my 'career'  I haven't done much in terms of exercise and such, relating to posture, so that hasn't helped either.

Ever since my neck hernia made its presence felt (4 years ago) I've never had a feeling of freedom from it. It has always been lingering in the background. Even yesterday when I was coping with a bad day from the current lower back hernia I felt my neck tensing up. So much so that I was worried I would be dealing with both at the same time. Luckily (for now?) the shoulders are relaxing a little and the back has settled down again.

But I won't be able to go to the office for at least another week. That would make it 5 or more weeks in a row that I'm absent. Four years ago this wasn't as much of a problem. We had a slight surplus of personnel that we managed to re-assign tasks so that my work could be done by someone who knew what I was doing. Not so this time around. Due to the recession we are lean and mean so to say so re-assigning tasks is difficult. Next to that: There isn't really anyone anymore who knows my work.

And thus I've been setting up a direct connection with my office computer. From Monday I will have to instruct those at the office to do small jobs for me there (scanning documents mostly) so I can work from home for the time being. I'll need to practice patience. Not my cup of tea when it comes to work but I don't want to be the boss whose calls get screened either. I'm wondering if it will work.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My writing process

My friend Deb was nominated to write about her writing process based on three simple questions. She wrote her piece and nominated three new to write about theirs. She didn’t nominate me, we all know this has no effect on my decisions but I probably would have anyway, but it did make me think about my own writing process. Couldn’t be that difficult, right?

Thinking about it I quickly realized three simple questions do not always get you three simple answers. Anyone who has ever read some of my blog entries will know I like to keep things simple or basic but that in doing so I’ve found the world around me often shakes its head and wonders why I make life so difficult (for them).

So here are my answers. (please note that I don’t discriminate between blog entries and FB posts as long as the entry is at least two paragraphs.)

Q #1: What are you working on? Nothing. I never feel obligated to post and as such do not work on things. Usually events during a day or week trigger me to write but I have a day job and a desire to lead a social life which doesn’t allow me time to write. I’m not saying bloggers don’t have a social life or day job but for me, with the available time during a day taken into account, writing often ends up on a back burner.

Q #2: Why do you write what you do? To make people smile and think (outside the box) originally and with time explanatory has been added.
I’ve been writing since high school and started out as a columnist. I would take an event, incident or ‘normal’ behavior and start asking questions as to the why. I never really condemned anything but always tried to let people think about it by offering them not necessarily my views but alternatives. I admit some were a little out there but at least in two cases it led to a change in school policy.
As time progressed and with that my life I became aware that a lot of people had difficulty understanding the way I lived my life and the influence this has on my partner. That opened a new path in my writing about the questions I’ve gotten and the situations it got me in.

Q #3: How does your writing process work? Based on your view I don’t have a writing process or I have three.
Like stated before things that happen trigger me to write but when they happen I can’t take or won’t make time to do so. What I do then is that I email myself one word that should be enough for me to remember what happened. There are days I come home to five or six of these mails and delete them on the spot. Not interesting (enough), not funny (enough), no time (enough) or a combination of these are usually the main reasons to do so. Turn that around and you’ve writing process #1.

Process #2 is more planned. I stumble upon a subject I want to address and start writing but due to my slow typing ‘skills’ I’m not able to finish it or because I want to think it through one more time it doesn’t get published. I usually write these in Word (like this one) and copy-paste the end result once I’ve come back to it. The reason I use Word I guess is because I am more familiar with saving documents with it. Deep down the privacy aspect may play a role but I only came to that after thinking hard about the why I use Word.

And then there are the 'in reaction to' posts. I read something that opens the vault some call memories and I just start typing. Because it is a reaction it only has value when posted immediately so I have to finish and publish that night. This process #3 is surprising to me the one that is most active. Surprising because the slow typing usually means it eats away the time I have reserved for other things (sleeping for instance, wink) and I didn’t think I would allow for that to happen.

Anyway…. This is my writing process and reading back I think I need to elaborate on the slow typing. Not only am I not able to find the keys without looking I also use only five fingers to type. Don’t ask me why. It just so happens to be so. Next to that I think the fact I need to translate everything while I type slows me down even more. I haven’t timed it but writing this entry took me about three-four hours I guess and can be categorized under process #2.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The letter

When I emptied the mailbox Friday I immediately recognized the handwriting (the stamp from Spain was a bit of a giveaway also) and instantly I became curious as to why Nath would send me a letter. Making my way up to my apartment apprehension started kicking in and by the time I was inside the letter had become some sort of explosive device. Be extremely cautious. Open only in a secure environment. In the end the rational in me decided that a) Had she wanted to harm me she would do it face to face, b) There was no ticking sound and c) Only upon reading I would know its content. So I opened it.

Never ever will I regret receiving this letter. In fact it rendered me speechless for a day and I still have trouble finding words (even on a keyboard).
In a PS she wrote “I know you’ll want to write about this letter on your blog or on FB and you have my permission to do so. If you want to use the entire letter or just extracts don’t hesitate. If you don’t want to use it that would be your choice also. I know that either way you will protect me beyond a point I need protection from.”

So in a time of e-mails and text messages my partner in love went ‘old school’ on me and send me a handwritten love letter. I could describe its content as I would have done had she not given me permission to use it but I do not think I could do it justice that way. So I (tried to) translate(d) parts of it. Not only for you to read but also for myself to understand her words even better. So here goes….

Dear Mine!

You are probably unaware but August 21st marks the 30th anniversary of the first day we spoke. I know you won’t feel guilty about not remembering the date but to be honest I didn’t either until I read some old diaries a few months ago. Ever since, I have been thinking about a way to celebrate this, what turned out to be monumental, day in our lives. In the end I decided to write this letter and for the last couple of weeks I have been working on it. Deciding to go to Spain this week wasn’t part of the plan but in a way it strengthens the power of this letter. And on top of that your FB post about me leaving suddenly on Monday only confirmed everything I had already written.


I will never forget that first encounter. We knew of each other’s existence from previous years but we never had been in the same class. That 2nd day of the new school year I walked into the English classroom and there were no empty benches left. Just my luck that the only empty seats meant I would be sharing with a boy for the entire year. (note: Our classrooms had no single seaters in those days. All benches were double seaters) I walked up to you and asked if I could sit next to you. I will never forget the somewhat irritated look on your face about me invading your personal space and your quick look around to see if you or I had other options. You must have concluded I was a bearable option because your enthusiastic “Okay” still warms me to this day (sarcasm). You didn’t talk to me for the first 15 minutes but then all of a sudden you said: “Okay, if we are going to sit next to each other for a whole year I better introduce myself. I’m RenĂ©.” “I’m Nathalie” I responded hoping for an actual conversation. “Yes I know” were your last words for that day.
The reason that this is such a clear memory for me is that even today you would react the same way. You hate it when your personal (or private) space is invaded but at the same time you will always assess the situation and let it happen when you feel the harm that is done to you is less than the good that is done to the other. And for that I can not help but love you.


After that first day our relation got more normal. In passing you in the hallways you would nod to acknowledge my existence and during the English classes we would actually have conversations. Not like those between friends but certainly not like those between enemies. I remember telling a friend, who asked about you, that as far as I knew you had no interest in me or girls in general. You never made an attempt to get to know me although during the year I caught you trying to get a glimpse of my breasts on several occasions. To this day I still catch you now and then. And for that I can not help but love you.


In three weeks it will be 18 years since we became a couple and I will never forget that first night. Both victims from this set-up I remember very clear how you didn’t go into predator mode once it became clear that I would be sleeping in your home. You gave me the impression that I was just a woman that was going to sleep in your home as if this was a normal thing. Sex didn’t seem to be in your mind. And it gave me a feeling of safety. Sure we had shared a desk in a classroom a decade earlier but to spend the night with you, a stranger by then, wouldn’t have been my first choice. (…..)

Today I know that this is a normal thing. Women (yes plural) sleep in your home and you do not expect anything back. You are not opposed to the idea, as we ourselves have shown, but you do not expect it. You do good and whatever happens happens. I needed time to understand and accept that but you have shown me that a good heart can be just a good heart. And for that I can not help but love you.


You introduced me to Hanneke. I must correct myself. You told me that your ex-girlfriend and soulmate would stay with you for two weeks. And that she only was your ex because she emigrated not because the love ended. Nice way to make a girl feel insecure. But I now know that you felt our relationship was strong enough to be that honest about it. Many men would have tried to hide it and play it day by day. (…..) As a result we three shared experiences that I cherish till today. (…..) Today I as well call Hanneke one of my best friends. And for that I can not help but love you.


You’ve written numerous stories, blog entries or facebook updates in which I played a role or leading part and yet there have been occasions where I asked myself “Who is that woman?” You wrote very explicit stories and also very loving stories but you have always protected me or my identity. Of course there have been occasions where I asked myself if you should have shared that story with the world but because you went out of your way to protect me I never have felt the urge to ask you to delete anything. I know that you don’t feel as if you went out of your way but that it comes naturally to you but I feel you did. And for that I can not help but love you.


Over the years I’ve learned that you will show your true love for me not only in conventional ways. Sure you share kisses, set up a romantic dinners or stroke my arm on occasions where I don’t expect it but the true way of how you show your love  for me is that you do not neglect me. I will admit that It took me time to recognize the pattern and that is isn’t the easiest way of receiving that love but after 30 years you still listen to what I have to say and challenge what I have said. Friends have said on occasions that you did not say much whereas I know that right then you questioned everything and made me aware of the dangers. It can become ridiculous sometimes but at the same time it is extremely funny.

I’ll never forget that during a dinner with friends you, in the middle of a discussion about politics, suddenly interrupted with “But what if the tree has no leaves.” The others must have thought you had lost your marbles (discussions are ongoing if they exist and this letter is in no way acknowledgement for their existence) whilst I knew you just nudged me of a path of thinking you believed to be dangerous. And for that I can not help but love you.


I never wanted children and marriage wasn’t high on my wish list either but I’ve always seen myself living together with my man in the same home. (…..) I don’t know how things would have been had we lived under the same roof but I do know that it would have been tough to reach what we have reached. I’m now a person I never expected to be and I’m very happy I am. I know you will say that it was all my own doing but I needed you (or someone like you) to have the freedom and security to take the risks and develop into who I am today. And for that I can not help but love you.



She wrote another PS on the letter saying there are some things wrong with me also but that she didn’t include them because she was afraid of running out of paper. I’m thinking that when you use nine (9!) pages celebrating me and/or us you could have found space to fit a little flaw in, don’t you think?

My own PS: I hope I translated it in the true meaning of her words. I know I tried.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Not what I intended to write...

I was going to write about the Football World Cup and more specific as to why I have trouble feeling proud, after my initial good mood, about the achievements of Dutch Football team. Recent events however will make this a football entry but nowhere near what I intended.

Football in the Netherlands is run via clubs. The normal structure for these clubs is age groups till 18-19yo and then everyone becomes a so called 'senior' with age no longer a determining factor. I myself started at the age of 4-5 and finished around the time I was 25. I peaked around age 17 and after that football became more of a social event for me. Kicking a ball on a Sunday with friends whilst slight bellies became more and more less slight.

Back in my day our club also had a Handball division but as membership went down it had to be resolved a few years ago. The great thing however was that many of my friends who only played football got romantically involved with the ladies playing handball. Several marriages found their origin in those. You can imagine where their offspring ended up. Yup, playing football at the same club.

I still visit the club. At least twice a year I make an appearance and I always end up with the tune from "Cheers" *Where everyone knows your name* in my head.
It is a small community in itself. With friendships and bonds running though the entire club. This is why yesterday's news has hit us hard. On flight MH017 that went down over Ukraine was a family from our club. John was coaching the 6-8yo. His son Ian played in that team. Julian played for the 13-14yo and Chris for the 15-16yo. You'll understand that Mom Sandra was a regular visitor as well.

To make matters worse a family from a neighbouring football club, with whom we have a friendly rivalry, was also on board that flight. As was the brother of one of our other members.

I can only hope those affected by these losses will find the strength, and if needed ask for assistance, to cope with this. We'll be right there.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Looking back it was the day I found my niche. At the time I was just a young man undaunted by what was ahead of him.

It was in the early 90's when I interviewed for a job. After telling them about my work experience they explained what kind of company they were. Soon they progressed to work related issues and that was in my opinion just one thing. They were behind with their work, had cash flow problems and were losing the oversight.  The woman, 52 at the time, almost had tears in her eyes when she explained about the stacks of invoices on her desk. When they asked me what I thought about their problems I answered: "Oh, that's something we need to solve." We parted not long after.

At first they did go with another candidate. One that took their problem far more serious and I went to work at AT&T/Philips. Data entry, not a challenge but it paid the bills. Within a week however I got a call. Was I still available? Of course I was. I actually switched jobs with their 1st choice.

Fast forward three months and the 52-year-old woman is working as my assistant where I was originally hired to be hers. She was laughing again and when someone asked me what I had done to her I just told them "Shhh, I slip a happy pill into her coffee every morning." Fact is that there were no more stacks of invoices on her desk and she was able to send out reminders. With that the cash flow problem they (we) were having solved itself.

I left after a few years but we kept in touch, less and less when years passed but when she retired I was invited to celebrate that. During the celebration her husband came to me and thanked me.
"Thank you. You probably will not know this but you gave her 12 years of fun. I had to hear stories about you every day when you were still working here and after you left she still remember you. Whenever she would run into another problem she thought "What would RenĂ© do?" And then go to rule #1 'Don't worry, analyze first' followed by your rule #2 'Make a joke about it' and finished with rule #3 'Now take care of it'. And she did so with a smile. She has really enjoyed the last years working whereas back then I thought she would suffer a burn-out."

Today I learned that Christha had moved on and I it took me back to the years we had. The years when for me it became clear what I wanted to do, and would go on to do and the years for her that allowed her to enjoy her work again.
We did good, Christha.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let there be light

It was around 10.30PM yesterday when the huge milk truck, one that is used to collect milk from farms, entered the suburban street my sister lives at. Those visiting for my niece's birthday were wondering. Was the driver lost? Why on a Saturday evening would such a truck enter such a street?
Before I could scream "NOOO" my niece blew away any imagination one could have. "Oh, that's just Mark's dad. They live in the next street." She said all innocent.

"Ilse, you don't tell people that sort of thing. You need to allow people to use their imagination. Not knowing can be such a joy." She looked at me as if to say "yeah, right." but I didn't give her time to react. Out of nowhere came this:

**You know how everyone wants to be God, right? But there is a bigger one out there. To be the sun. The sun provides us with light and life. So what you want to really be is the sun. One problem though: You can't shake hands, kiss, hug or whatever with anybody because they would go up in flames. So now you think what can I be that is close to being the sun? Well let me tell you. You want to be the guy or gal that turns on the streetlights. You want to get on your bike everyday to get to work, enter your office filled with switch boards and yell "Let there be light" before you start pushing all the switches.

Then one day you think you can do something to make your work easier. You bring a large piece of wood to work. Now you can push multiple switches at the same time. People have their light much quicker. But on the way home you notice one section of lights isn't burning. What has happened? Did you miss a switch and do you need to get back to your work or did someone start digging and accidentally hit some wiring? People need their light so dutifully you return to your office where you notice one switch out of order. You check the piece of wood you brought and find a small dent that caused the mishap. Proud to have brought light to everyone's life you can now return home.

And the next morning when your pal the sun takes over you do it all again but in reverse order. It is the best job in the world with only one downside I can think of: You can not call home to tell your spouse you have to work late. He or she just has to look out of the window to see when you are finished.

And that is why you do NOT tell people it is all done by computers or that the 'milk-man' lives around the corner.**

She nudged her girlfriend sitting next to her. "Told you he was weird but kinda funny, didn't I?"

Sunday, March 23, 2014


"You should be more jealous. She would like that."

It was said casually but it carries quite the load. Knew this person something I didn't? Had Nathalie discussed this with her and not ever with me? I started digging into my memories. Did we ever discuss jealousy? Yes we did. What was her take on it? She didn't like jealous people and thought my take on jealousy was refreshing.

"No, she wouldn't. And besides I don't do jealous. Not about things I can not control anyways."

Nath, a little sweaty, returned from the dance floor.

"Nicole says I should act up. Get myself into some sort of jealous type frenzy because you'd like that."
"I don't like that."
"That's what I told her but she thinks you danced like that with that man to get some sort of reaction from me."
"Hehe. I can only dance like that because I know you won't react. And besides, because you don't that man thought he had a chance and didn't hold back which in turn allowed me to enjoy it fully."
"Glad to be of service my dear."
"Did you see that he grabbed my bum?"
"Heck is that what you want? I can do that!"
She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

....and I grabbed her bum. :P

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Made my day(s)

Friday, at work, we decided to end the week by going for drink. After choosing the designated drivers and agreeing on which bar to go to I found myself in an establishment I'd never visited before. And I never will again probably. Although the bar itself is great, the crowd it attracts has me wondering.

We were sitting at our table having fun with gossip, work-related issues and such when two guys came to us. You know the type. Youthful, dressed to impress, over-confident based on appearance rather then content and god's gift to women. "Any of you ladies want to have a good time?"

I asked the colleague on my right: "Did he really just say that?". She nodded and looked amused. I though it would be better to ignore them (for now).
Another colleague had spilled her drink. In shock I guess. But in a group of people you will always find one who will react and it was our youngest. "I'm sorry, but we're all taken. We belong to him." she said and pointed to me.

Now this of course is partly true. I am their employer and I will, on occasion, claim I own them. But to hear or say this in public is a little different.

My colleague on the left moved closer to me and put her head on my shoulder. "Him??" The two guys looked at me in disgust. "What does he have? Must be money." Our little one continued: "He did come to the office this morning with a stretched limo and a driver. What do you drive?"

Again this is partly true. I did come to the office by bus in the morning but to call it a stretched limo with a driver is 'stretching' it a little.

"I drive a Porsche." Beaming with pride one said.
"Hmm. Nice car but a bit lonely don't you think? Where do you leave your girlfriend in such a tiny car?" Our little one really started to enjoy herself.
"In the seat next to me of course. What do you think?"
"You don't have a driver?" She replied.
"No of course not." Porsche-guy answered.
"I drive a BMW X5. There is plenty of room for a few of you." The other guy interrupted.
"But you don't have a driver as well right?" Little one wouldn't let go.
"No, I don't have a driver as well."
"See there is the problem. I really like to get it on in the car but in order to do that you need a driver. And he has a really big driver." And with that she turned back to us with a huge grin on her face. The other 4 had trouble keeping their laughs inside and I? Well, I just sat there with a blushing face. And a huge grin as well.

The two guys walked away but based on their next attempt with another group I don't think their confidence was shattered.

"I guess after that I'm obliged to pick up the tab, right?"
Little one just nodded.