Sunday, January 19, 2014

Made my day(s)

Friday, at work, we decided to end the week by going for drink. After choosing the designated drivers and agreeing on which bar to go to I found myself in an establishment I'd never visited before. And I never will again probably. Although the bar itself is great, the crowd it attracts has me wondering.

We were sitting at our table having fun with gossip, work-related issues and such when two guys came to us. You know the type. Youthful, dressed to impress, over-confident based on appearance rather then content and god's gift to women. "Any of you ladies want to have a good time?"

I asked the colleague on my right: "Did he really just say that?". She nodded and looked amused. I though it would be better to ignore them (for now).
Another colleague had spilled her drink. In shock I guess. But in a group of people you will always find one who will react and it was our youngest. "I'm sorry, but we're all taken. We belong to him." she said and pointed to me.

Now this of course is partly true. I am their employer and I will, on occasion, claim I own them. But to hear or say this in public is a little different.

My colleague on the left moved closer to me and put her head on my shoulder. "Him??" The two guys looked at me in disgust. "What does he have? Must be money." Our little one continued: "He did come to the office this morning with a stretched limo and a driver. What do you drive?"

Again this is partly true. I did come to the office by bus in the morning but to call it a stretched limo with a driver is 'stretching' it a little.

"I drive a Porsche." Beaming with pride one said.
"Hmm. Nice car but a bit lonely don't you think? Where do you leave your girlfriend in such a tiny car?" Our little one really started to enjoy herself.
"In the seat next to me of course. What do you think?"
"You don't have a driver?" She replied.
"No of course not." Porsche-guy answered.
"I drive a BMW X5. There is plenty of room for a few of you." The other guy interrupted.
"But you don't have a driver as well right?" Little one wouldn't let go.
"No, I don't have a driver as well."
"See there is the problem. I really like to get it on in the car but in order to do that you need a driver. And he has a really big driver." And with that she turned back to us with a huge grin on her face. The other 4 had trouble keeping their laughs inside and I? Well, I just sat there with a blushing face. And a huge grin as well.

The two guys walked away but based on their next attempt with another group I don't think their confidence was shattered.

"I guess after that I'm obliged to pick up the tab, right?"
Little one just nodded.