Sunday, March 23, 2014


"You should be more jealous. She would like that."

It was said casually but it carries quite the load. Knew this person something I didn't? Had Nathalie discussed this with her and not ever with me? I started digging into my memories. Did we ever discuss jealousy? Yes we did. What was her take on it? She didn't like jealous people and thought my take on jealousy was refreshing.

"No, she wouldn't. And besides I don't do jealous. Not about things I can not control anyways."

Nath, a little sweaty, returned from the dance floor.

"Nicole says I should act up. Get myself into some sort of jealous type frenzy because you'd like that."
"I don't like that."
"That's what I told her but she thinks you danced like that with that man to get some sort of reaction from me."
"Hehe. I can only dance like that because I know you won't react. And besides, because you don't that man thought he had a chance and didn't hold back which in turn allowed me to enjoy it fully."
"Glad to be of service my dear."
"Did you see that he grabbed my bum?"
"Heck is that what you want? I can do that!"
She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

....and I grabbed her bum. :P