Saturday, September 13, 2014

My writing process

My friend Deb was nominated to write about her writing process based on three simple questions. She wrote her piece and nominated three new to write about theirs. She didn’t nominate me, we all know this has no effect on my decisions but I probably would have anyway, but it did make me think about my own writing process. Couldn’t be that difficult, right?

Thinking about it I quickly realized three simple questions do not always get you three simple answers. Anyone who has ever read some of my blog entries will know I like to keep things simple or basic but that in doing so I’ve found the world around me often shakes its head and wonders why I make life so difficult (for them).

So here are my answers. (please note that I don’t discriminate between blog entries and FB posts as long as the entry is at least two paragraphs.)

Q #1: What are you working on? Nothing. I never feel obligated to post and as such do not work on things. Usually events during a day or week trigger me to write but I have a day job and a desire to lead a social life which doesn’t allow me time to write. I’m not saying bloggers don’t have a social life or day job but for me, with the available time during a day taken into account, writing often ends up on a back burner.

Q #2: Why do you write what you do? To make people smile and think (outside the box) originally and with time explanatory has been added.
I’ve been writing since high school and started out as a columnist. I would take an event, incident or ‘normal’ behavior and start asking questions as to the why. I never really condemned anything but always tried to let people think about it by offering them not necessarily my views but alternatives. I admit some were a little out there but at least in two cases it led to a change in school policy.
As time progressed and with that my life I became aware that a lot of people had difficulty understanding the way I lived my life and the influence this has on my partner. That opened a new path in my writing about the questions I’ve gotten and the situations it got me in.

Q #3: How does your writing process work? Based on your view I don’t have a writing process or I have three.
Like stated before things that happen trigger me to write but when they happen I can’t take or won’t make time to do so. What I do then is that I email myself one word that should be enough for me to remember what happened. There are days I come home to five or six of these mails and delete them on the spot. Not interesting (enough), not funny (enough), no time (enough) or a combination of these are usually the main reasons to do so. Turn that around and you’ve writing process #1.

Process #2 is more planned. I stumble upon a subject I want to address and start writing but due to my slow typing ‘skills’ I’m not able to finish it or because I want to think it through one more time it doesn’t get published. I usually write these in Word (like this one) and copy-paste the end result once I’ve come back to it. The reason I use Word I guess is because I am more familiar with saving documents with it. Deep down the privacy aspect may play a role but I only came to that after thinking hard about the why I use Word.

And then there are the 'in reaction to' posts. I read something that opens the vault some call memories and I just start typing. Because it is a reaction it only has value when posted immediately so I have to finish and publish that night. This process #3 is surprising to me the one that is most active. Surprising because the slow typing usually means it eats away the time I have reserved for other things (sleeping for instance, wink) and I didn’t think I would allow for that to happen.

Anyway…. This is my writing process and reading back I think I need to elaborate on the slow typing. Not only am I not able to find the keys without looking I also use only five fingers to type. Don’t ask me why. It just so happens to be so. Next to that I think the fact I need to translate everything while I type slows me down even more. I haven’t timed it but writing this entry took me about three-four hours I guess and can be categorized under process #2.