Saturday, December 27, 2014

There is a first for everything

Thinking about it, the title of this blog post is stating the obvious. Without a first there wouldn't be existence iow nothing to blog about but anyways that's not what I wanted to share.

Christmas eve I got a call from Nath.
"Can Harry crash at your place Friday night? She has a party near you and needs a place to sleep."
"Why didn't she call me directly?"
"She knows you would say yes. But wanted to make sure I was okay with it."
"And are you?"
"I wouldn't have called otherwise. Stupid question."
"Just making sure. Getting my alibi in order."
"I know you are busy. So what can I tell her?"
"Tell her it is fine. I'll give her breakfast in bed if she asks nicely."
"Okay, will do. Have fun with her."
"Will do. Thank you."

Friday night 3AM I'm woken by the doorbell and buzz Harry in.
"Did I wake you?"
"Yeah, I expected you had hooked up with someone for the night and had gone to bed."
"And miss out on a night alone with you? No way!"
"Do you need anything?"
"I'd like to take a shower. Danced all night and don't feel that fresh. Can we drink a glass of wine together after I had my shower?"
"Sure. Let me get you some towels. You'll find some of Naths stuff in the shower."
Although not the first time it remains a strange sight to see a different attractive lady in Naths bathrobe curled up on my couch.
"Nath said something strange when she called me back."
"Did she? What was it?"
"She said to have fun with you. What did she mean with fun?"
"Just a good time. What do you think?"
"I dunno. Thought it to be worded a little odd. That's all."
"You're thinking sex as a possibility aren't you?"
"It is fun, right?"
"Yup it is. But that's not on the table."
"Spoiler Alert!! Hey, isn't this somewhat how you two hooked up?"
"It has some similarities. But different times, different place."
"Aww damn."
"I think we should go to bed. You clearly have had too much wine."
"I sleep naked. Did you know that?"
"No but I expected it more or less. Nothing I haven't seen before."
"Ain't that the truth, whitey."
"Oh Nath also told me to ask you nicely about breakfast in bed. That's sex isn't it?"
"Go to sleep woman."
"Hehe, you're getting old."

I made her breakfast in the morning.