Friday, January 16, 2015

The extra mile

"Hey, when you come over can you bring some food ?"
So in one sentence it was decided that we would spend the evening together, the location had been chosen and I was appointed the delivery guy.  For a man who loves straight talking it was hard to bring up any issue with it so I simply answered with a yes.

Simple task. Get over there and bring the woman some food. Well what you have to know is that I'm an impulse buyer. But not one in the normal sense of the term. I'm not triggered by promotional displays or discounts. My trigger is when my "Oh, that could be nice also" button is pushed. As a side note: I hardly ever buy something I didn't go out to buy. It is just different to what I anticipated.

So during the trip to Utrecht I had set my mind on Thai food. There is a lovely place near where Nath lives and I would not have to go out of my way to get it. Next to that it had been a while since we last had Thai so I couldn't go wrong with that. Envision me in Utrecht, a few yards from the entrance to the Thai place and all of a sudden my button is pushed. I turn around, walk back a mile and end up getting her sushi. I know she loves it, I even think you can wake her up for it, and she has been struggling with her leg all week so she can use a pick-me-up.
But I don't do sushi. So for myself I decide to get some shawarma with a pickled mango with chili sauce. Another half a mile walk to get that and another mile till I reach Nath's place.

When I finally arrive this is what greeted me:
"I expected you an hour or so ago."
"Why didn't you go to the Thai?"
"Oh, I love the smell of what you're having."
"Yay! Sushi, I never expected you to go for that."

Well honey, now you know.
PS My legs hurt from walking the extra miles.