Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nathalie's friends

I've given up on running away from Nath's friends. That is until they form a group of 5 or more. Then I'm out. I've learned that I can cope with 4 of them. Fun fact for me is that they are still trying to get to know me and that, my friends, gives me opportunity.

Those who know me expect the odd answer or remark. I'm still able to surprise them but they know they can expect some. Those who don't know me are learning that the hard way. And I appreciate the help I'm getting.

Today some of Nath's friends gathered at her place because they were going to watch a play tonight. (And looking at the clock right now they went for drinks also) But this gave some of them the opportunity to meet me and ask questions.

Friend 1: "You have quite a large ego, don't you?"
I looked at her for a moment. "I do. But I prefer that to a big head. An ego weighs less."
"Are you saying I have a big head?"
"Do you think you have a big head?"
"So why would my opinion matter then?"
She looked at Nath, who put her hands up in the air. "Don't look at me for help. You asked him a question."

Friend 2: "Nath told us you only work with women. Why is that?"
"I'm a heterosexual man who has the opportunity to surround himself with women and keep other men out. Walk a few steps in my shoes. What would you do?"
"That's sexist."
"Yup, the question was."

Harry walks in. The last to show, as usual. One of the friends sitting on the couch says: "Let us make some room. You can sit right here." "Oh don't bother. I see the perfect spot." she answers right before she plants herself in my lap. I tap her on the shoulder and say: "Beer." She reaches for my glass and hands it to me. After I took a sip I tap her on the back again. Her hands reaches back, takes my glass and puts it on the table again. All this whilst wiggling her butt in my lap. "You seem happy." she says.
The friends look shocked. Nath just shakes her head.

At some point Nath is showing them her Facebook page and the Oh' s and Ah's over the puppy pictures Deb put up are numerous. "Doesn't that make you want one?"
"No." I say.
"So if Nath wanted a puppy would you be against it?"
"I don't decide what she wants. If she wants three puppies and a new boyfriend that's her decision. I only decide what I want and at the moment that isn't a puppy."
"What would you want at the moment?"
"Well, the safest choice is not to answer that question."
Harry cuts in. "He's probably thinking orgy. It's a man."

I took a good look at the puppies after they left. Yup, orgy still sounds better (at the moment)