Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Apparently I'm at war

When I have time off I start to think about stuff. Extraordinary stuff, day to day stuff. Whatever catches my eye can lead to conclusions even I hadn't seen coming. And you would be right to expect one of those thoughts to be shared in this entry had in not been for one incident over the weekend.

We had a family gathering over the weekend and I had told my mom I would be fashionably late but in time for dinner. Just before I was about to head out I received a text from my sister *perhaps you shouldn't attend*. *why?* I replied. *your brother has something to say to you and he is very happy about it*. *Do you know what it is?* I asked. *No, he only wants to tell it when you arrive.*

Now in my family we have smart and less smart members and it isn't just the fact there are different parents involved that causes this but it is safe to say that I'm one of the smartest in the bunch and I'm certainly the best with words. The fact my sister didn't use my brothers name told me it was the lame ass one. The one that had tried to loan money from me not too long ago and the same one that had asked me for a car. On top of that he is the one that left his wife and kid and I had to step up to get them back on their feet. With that in mind I texted my sis *interesting*. Her reply *shit!* told me she knew I would be there soon.

When I arrived one of my other brothers, a police man, was outside kicking a ball around with his grandson.
"Hey, it won't be long before he gets the better of you, old man."
"Ah there you are. I've been waiting for you. Hans has something to tell you apparently and he is very worked up about it."
"Well let's go in and see what it is then."
"I better come with you."
"I need protection?"
"Perhaps, but we also were waiting for you to start eating."
"Cops and food. Joined at the hip."
He hit me in the back.

When I walked in conversations stopped and Hans stood up. "Ah H., there you are. I have something to tell you." "I'm sure it can wait. Let me get a beer first." I greeted my mom and asked if dinner was ready? She said it was and also warned me to be careful. I was really starting to wonder what all this was about. Anyway, I got myself a beer and walked back into the living room. Hans was still ready to tell me what he had to say but I cut in "Is this going to be a long story? If so, why don't we go outside and let these peeps eat?"
"No, I want everyone to hear this."
"Okay" I said "But you'll have to wait till after dinner then. I'm not keeping this hungry horde from their food."
"I'm going to tell you now."
"No, you're not. You're going to wait till after dinner or I won't even bother to listen."
He was thinking about this just a little too long. One of my sisters and a sister-in-law got up and handed out plates and that settled it.

I know it was mean but I tried to get control. Even though I still had no clue about what he was going to say I knew I was in charge from this point on.

Hans kept eyeing me during dinner but I just kept making small talk with some of my other family members. During the after dinner coffee I noticed he was in deep conversation with his girlfriend. I caught him totally of guard.
"Hey Hans, what was that thingy you wanted to tell me?"
"Uh one moment."
"Now or never Hansiboy. Speak up now or forever hold your peace."
"Okay okay"

"I wanted to tell you that you are no longer the only one who has done good. As of last Wednesday I have 350.000 euro in my bank account. So what do you say to that?"
"Wow, that's great. Congratulations. I hope you obtained it the legal way but congratulations man. What are you planning to do with it?"
It wasn't the reaction he thought he would get from me. That much I could see. He clearly had his next move ready but not to that response.
"I'm.... I'm going to buy a new car of course and we're going on a cruise on the Mediterranean."
"Hmm, maybe you should look into settling your debts also. Not to me in particular. I can do without it but perhaps you could settle what you owe in alimony?"
"That Bitch is getting nothing of my money."
"Bitch? You mean the woman you betrayed and then left? She took care of your son, provided for a home and education, got a job and made sure the boy stayed in contact with his grand parents. You have no right to call her that. Nobody has that right."
"Well she won't get her hands on my money. That's for sure."
"That's a shame. What did you say? I'm not the only one who has done good any longer? I guess when it comes to you and me that's not true then. You do know that 30k in alimony you owe them is all for the boy, right? Sandra's part of it was taken out as soon as she got her job years ago. You know that right? The day she started working she informed your attorney. That's the bitch she is. So what you owe is to your son. Go take a cruise, go buy a new car but don't forget to pay up."
"He isn't getting any as well. He doesn't want to see me. So why should I pay?"
"That's his choice. The payment was court ordered. They can block your account when they get knowledge of the fact there is money in it. You know that right?"
"How will they know? And even then, she doesn't have the money to pay for a lawyer."
"Can I ask you something? Do you know anyone who knows you have a surplus of money at the moment, who feels they should get what is due to them,  who knows a lawyer and who has the money to pay for one? Do you?"
"You wouldn't" he yelled and tried to get a hold of me. My police brother stepped in and took him out (more or less). "Guess I needed that protection after all." I told him.

So Monday morning I had a meeting with Sandra and told her about what had happened. With her blessing I called my lawyer and we blocked his account. Not all of it but it is blocked for the amount he owes her. He can do whatever he wants but he can't touch those last 35k. I'm figuring he doesn't want to go to jail over it so he will pay up soon enough.

I still don't know how he got the money. My best guess is lottery or gambling, neither a good choice to rely on for income but as the above proves: He certainly is not the smartest in the family. He was so blinded by the feelings he has for me that he forgot I don't care about him. My mom and her husband weren't pleased of course but they understand why I'm doing what I'm doing. They rather had me talk to him more and try to reason him into paying but they also know the history.

I got a call this morning. "You're dead to me." he said. "Ah, you got the notice. Dead is fine by me." and I ended the call.
I got another call. "Really, you're dead to me." "Stop calling the dead." and again I ended the call.
I didn't get another call.

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