Sunday, December 18, 2016

A year?

I'm a little surprised I haven't written a new entry in over a year. Enough has happened that would deserve a post but I guess I didn't feel like it or was preoccupied. But I'm not here to dwell on things past. The way I see it the next year can only be worse if I die and I'm pretty sure that if that happens I feel good about it. (don't react immediately, think this one through :) )  Oh and I don't even consider this a bad year. Just one with hiccups.

I'm was here  because I wanted to write about the reactions I've gotten on my relationships with the women I've been with. I'm led to believe that staying friends with people you loved and had a intimate relationship with is not a normal thing to do and I can't accept that.
I know why people have a hard time staying friends after a relationship but I can not understand why they allow it to come to that point.
Why would you fight with a partner you love to the point where the love turns into hate when this can easily be prevented?
Why would you cheat on someone you love when it is just as easy not to?
Why is it considered a defeat when a intimate relationship ends?
Why is pride an issue in a relationship when your partner is probably the one most aware of your shortcomings?

I'm proud I'm still in contact with all but one of the women I've been with. I'm proud that some consider me a close friend. I'm proud some outsiders consider these relationships as not normal.